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  1. I can't remember, did you play during core? Core shatter Mes meta was the most healthy easily (PU meta excluded)
  2. Terrorhuz is right that Chrono was fine before the nerfs (certainly not overpowered), and some forum frogs contibuted to worsening the class by complaining about not being able to dodge moa. However it's not true that core power mesmer is better than chrono power mesmer, chrono has a lot of advantages like movement speed, lower cooldowns on everything, double elite sills, superspeed shatters. The proper way to buff power mesmer would thus be to buff core power mesmer, and nerf Mirage slightly to compensate. This would help core, it would help chrono and it would help virtuoso - the three underperformers.
  3. They could possibly make One Wolf Pack give a certain amount of stacks (say, 5 for example) or reduce the number of hits on warhorn 4 (while keeping the damage) to reduce synergy with OWP.
  4. Agree with this (yes, they are slightly different, but not enough)
  5. If they make dagger good it may very well be op on mirage, we'll see. Especially since it does daze + good power damage + good condis
  6. You are mostly correct, they should focus on the overperforming espec first
  7. Same with the bug I reported (see link above)
  8. Because the old version was useless/annoying in pvp The new version is also useless but now it is because damage is too low rather than something about the design
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