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  1. And what do you mean about being weird most posts are from new forum members? If these new members took the trouble to create the forum account, it shows the special interest in this topic about translation. Of course there are costs, or do Brazilian players have free access to expansions? And by any chance, are you going to pay for the translation? As all Brazilians probably bought the expansions, so I think we are entitled to have something with more quality for our community. To show interest is it necessary to translate the wiki? I think this topic already shows that
  2. I've been playing gw2 for almost a year and I realized that the game has a large population of Brazilian players and a rich history, but due to lack of translation, many of these players don't understand the history and consequently it became boring content, and this is just a example of several, that's why I ask that a translation be done to Brazilian Portuguese for the next expansion.
  3. I've already opened the ticket, I'm waiting for a response from support, and thanks for letting me know.
  4. I didn't know that and I had my account blocked a few hours ago, wait and see how it will be resolved.
  5. I'm thinking of building an alacrity character for raids, so I'm in doubt about mirage or revenant, can anyone quote the main differences of each?
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