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  1. I had the same with Firefox and it's tracking prevention. Seems that the store uses some cookies or trackers that break the loading of the site if they're blocked. I had to temporarily toggle tracking protection off in order to purchase EoD. As you mentioned most stores don't do this and you can block tracking without any issues. When websites are deliberately designed to break when tracking is enabled I find it extremely obnoxious and am disappointed that Guild Wars 2 has a store designed in this way.
  2. I do agree I want them working on the issue. But it's not an either/or circumstance. The majority of the times it's community staff who make the posts here and on twitter, so they are not so likely to be involved in fixing the issue whatever it may be(though that of course may or may not be the case here). Also it wouldn't take them long to tell us if there is some kind of ETA on the issue, if there isn't then a longer explanation might be required to explain what's going on and that could indeed take time away from the dev's that are working to fix the issue as they have to spend time explain
  3. It is a bit of a pain, I agree. I remember this causing me a headache in the past when I didn't want to use my boost immediately, I'd have thought they'd have changed this by now as the Boost is already account bound so it's not like it really go anywhere. This time around however I have a character waiting to use the boost but can't until they renable it and no ETA on when it will be enabled again, very frustrating!
  4. Thanks Goettel, at least we now know that they are working on it which is a step forward!
  5. I only have 3 Shared Inventory Slots, so it can't be due to having the maximum number. My slots were all full at the time I logged in after purchasing though, so I don't know if that had an impact.
  6. Seems to be a common issue, is a thread here. Seems like all editions of the game are affected.
  7. Adding my voice to this, purchased the ultimate edition via the website about 30minutes ago. I have not yet received the Max Level Boost, Shared Inventory Slot or the Gems(but that can take up 72 hours so I'm not concerned about that yet).
  8. Yeah, my research trying to find a solution(plus my personal history) shows this mission has been buggy for a long time now. I have found dozens of times going back to the mission was first reached by players where people had issues very similar to those I encountered. In the interest of fairness I will say that I have completed this mission on six different characters now, of the five older completions(all at least 2+ years ago) four of them I completed the mission without the slightest hitch, proceeding through at my own pace and everything triggering correctly. Only one of those
  9. Since my original post I have repeated the mission a further 28 times, taking the total to 42 and finally completed it successfully. Below are some tips that I found helped to avoid the mission bugging out, be warned these are not a guarantee but every one of them seemed to help. First the overall lesson of these hints is that patience is key, take the mission slowly, the more you rush from point to point the more likely the missions triggers/spawns are to bug. Now the direct actions. - Allow Trehearne to arrive at the ruins before you. If you beat him to where you meet
  10. Thanks for the advice! I am running it solo yup. I've only recently returned to the game after a hiatus and I don't have a guild or any friends to ask, tomorrow I'll see if I can find a random person in Map chat willing to join me and see if that helps.
  11. Hello there, In essence my problem is that Forging the Pact keeps bugging and I cannot progress it. I can remember years ago encountering one of these same bugs, but I replayed the mission and it worked properly the second time, however this time I've restarted the mission 14 times now and I still cannot get it to progress. I get one of two bugs, the most common bug which has happened 12/14 times, is that shortly after reaching the ruins and meeting Agent Zrii, Trehearne just stands there where we met the agent and refuses to move. As a result he doesn't come into the r
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