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  1. Same for me, I can hear background music but I still see my desktop and everything is frozen, I have to reboot, even task manager is not responding. Also i did try the repair process they have here https://help.guildwars2.com/hc/en-us/articles/201863008-Repairing-the-Game-Client, and it froze again, (the client is not responding). Edit: As someone mentioned in the earlier comments= ctrl shift esc for task manager, then press G on your keyboard then Delete button, to save you from reboots
  2. It is hurting and disturbing, especially if you are a kind and reasonable person, but ignore it, you'll meet awesome people that will make you forget about all of those jerks, after all they are the way they are, it's pointless to overthink their cause and reason. As Clementine said to Joel Barish: "Just go! They are not worth it!".
  3. I agree, rewards should be included, because the achievements won't keep it alive. For a new player they are not easy to obtain but eventually people will get them and the instance will die out, this will not happen if good and interesting rewards are added. Also thanks for bringing public back, private is way too hard for players with regular gear.
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