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  1. I didn't play GW1, I don't know how that system worked there.
  2. In that it would not affect the game at all, because the system that it has of events that appear on the maps makes it very replayable if you wish, even if you have already fully discovered and completed that map. The approach does NOT affect at this point 😉
  3. ok, I'm going to explain how a game from the same ncsoft house, LINEAGE 2. had the subclass system. Because there are games that have a subclass system, or multiple classes or hybrids. Lineage 2 to the following: You raised your class to maximum level, (which was 75 at the time), you did a quest and you could go to an npc to choose a subclass of another race. This started at level 40 and was your character but at level 40 of that new class chosen to raise it to level 75, as if you were starting over but with your character, without making a new character. When your
  4. When I talk about passives, I mean, for example, here when you assign hero points to unlock a specialization, you can select a series of passive skills or traits in 6 tiers, 3 of which you must choose between 3 available, well that's for me. I mean as possible "passive". No, I do not mean to use abilities or spells of other classes with your class, that is, if you are a warrior and make a necromancer subclass, when changing back to a warrior you could not invoke the necromancer's servants or the shroud.
  5. ok, the idea would be a bit like this: When you reach level 80 with a character and optionally completing an achievement, with that same character you go to an npc where with karma you buy a subclass, you choose the one you want. If, for example, you are a warrior and you want a necromancer subclass, you choose it and at that moment your character becomes a level 1 necromancer. The old equipment would be unequipped, and you would have the same equipment as with which you start a new character. Later, in the cities in the same way that there is an NPC that repairs armor, there wo
  6. You can discover the rest of the map that you would not have done with a subclass. Keep in mind that EOD now comes with more map, the map is already huge. Right now I don't know how to solve it, but you can put an achievement to raise subclass, add to the black lion chest, achievements by completing champions that are scattered on the map making their hunting more interesting ...
  7. A subclass for each character. Instead of uploading new characters, you make a subclass, it would be practically the same with the difference that you do it with a character that you already have raised to level 80, being able to change with that character to its main or subclass class whenever you want and play with them. The radical difference is that under the approach, making a subclass instead of another character would give you access to new improvements for your character's main class, taking for example a 4th special subclass specialization, instead of having 3, you could have 4 a
  8. You got it right, I'm Spanish, I'm not fluent in English and sometimes I have to use a translator. However I see that the English forum has more movement than those of other languages. I am sorry if I do not understand you 100% or I do not explain how I would like it. Thanks anyway.
  9. Not really, that is specialization within each class, the fact is that currently each class has about 7 specializations (counting the 2 of the expansions), and when EOD comes out it will be 8, of which you can only choose 2 of your class and 1 expansion, and they have nothing to do with each other. A subclass as I pose it is ... you are a warrior and you become a necromancer subclass, and you raise that subclass. I do not want to name other games, but surely some played Lineage 2 at the time that had a subclass system, whose approach I refer to. Here as your subclass goes up, with this ap
  10. I understand, but that could be changed and receive those keys in another way, for example include them to a greater degree in expansion maps.
  11. There are all kinds of players, there are those who enjoy leveling up different characters, there are those who like only PVP, there are those who like only PVE ... fortunately there is variety, you like to explore the entire map with each character you create, great, I only limit myself to reading and rereading to players in the forum and in the clans in which I am that we often comment on various things about the game. The reality is that it will never rain to everyone's liking.
  12. Really, you can greatly enjoy exploring the whole map, points of interest, views ... when you are new maybe with 1 or 2 characters, then ... if you want to do more, in the end ... you will try to raise it to 80 as much as fast as possible to the final content. 😉
  13. Thank you for answering, again I think I did not understand my opinion well because of what I am reading T_T. The items they give as you complete the mapping, because you receive it once and now, the game gives a huge amount of rewards in itself in everything. Now, if one of these rewards for completing the main map (not the expansions) influences that you can have legendary, then a small change in that and voila, everyone is happy. The character names, well it doesn't matter if, but I usually use a range of up to 10 names, all invented not copied from series other games, etc. and to
  14. They are definitely not understanding me. The approach does NOT break the experience of leveling up. I have been playing for about 5 months and in this time I will have taken about 50 or 60 volumes of leveling up. Also when you buy the game they give you an item to directly raise a character to 80 and there are many experience enhancers to raise quickly. Where to level up when you have the entire Tyria map complete? Well, just like they do now, because you have the map or not, the events are happening and you would have to go to acquire the hero points only a little faster because yo
  15. Excuse me, or something is escaping me, or I do not know if it was explained wrong. When I refer to sharing a map between all the characters, I mean that what you have completed with one (teleports, points of view, points of interest ...) is as "seen" for the others, that is, except points of hero that if necessary, if you start another character do not have to have the map all hidden and make those points of view, interest, etc again, if not go completing Tyria with everyone. I do not understand the comment that the colleague leaves about making a world boss with low levels. Ob
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