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  1. It's broken again? I wasn't placed in a team, there is no list to pick the team manually..?
  2. Hey, it wouldn't delete the characters or account, no. Uninstalling game doesn't delete anything. After you install it in the future - everything will still be there 🙂
  3. I think Matrix Online (yes, really old, dead mmo) had this. I'm not completely sure though, maybe I'm misremembering...
  4. I would rather take some more down-to-earth conflicts like political or family dramas. (That's why Charr civil war and the very end with Rytlock and famillia was my favorite parts of IBS...) Every game has "all destroying, this is the end" dragons, gods and whatever. Not every has actually relatable stories that you remember even after finishing the game.
  5. And here's your problem: you have pure damage, no defences armor, probably playing elementalist (judging from the hp), which is the most squishy proffesion, and you are suprised it's slightly harder than usual? The game itself is already too easy. Don't give up and I believe you will get better!
  6. A mount skin doesn't make you prestigious. You honestly believe that anyone is praising people in WoW for having a shiny mount skin? 🙂 There is another prestigious thing in GW2 though. And it's both harder to get than an item drop and shows who's the boss better: anyone with more than 42k achievement points. (But, to be fair, no one cares about AP either. The only person who feels prestigious is the person who has it, no one else.)
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