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  1. Third'ed for both. Or make icon lot's bigger, to see and click on.
  2. Getting the above error whenever using the "home portal stone" to get to home instance
  3. Hi, I must not have been clear enough. I was asking about dx11 specific setting, much like the config.ini for d912pxy, I was wondering if there were any config or ini file setting that could be edited to improve utilization/performance. Thanks,
  4. Hi, Is there a settings file or addition command line parameters (-dx9/-dx11) to improve DX11 performance? In my case GPU mem usage is only 1.9G of the 11 G on a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 TI, and GPU usage is about 25%.
  5. Still having periodic issues when using the "directx 11" option in "F11" vs "-dx9" on the command line. ** Enhancement request ** Have an indicator for "Directx11" or "Directx9" on screen to tell at a glance which is being used. Would aid in troubleshooting.
  6. -dx9 on the command line allowed me in, and was able to disable directx11
  7. Hi - same issue. Game crashes after "setting directx 11 beta" option in "F11" panel at character selection screen. Setting commandline "-dx9single" doesn't override "directx 11 beta" selection, is there another command line option to unset the directx 11 beta?? Would like to continue playing the game. cheers!
  8. Pets not coming out when diving or using 1 skill is really annoying. Nothing like going into combat, and your pet is still stowed. Particularly when "toggle action camera" is on and you have to undo the toggle, recenter mouse, select and click on "activate pet", then re-enable "toggle action camera". Painful, and usually deadly to ones self.This is counter to every other ranger attack skill, where the pet activates on skill usage. Should be consistent stow/activate usage between mounted and dismounted. Alternatively a stow/activate key-bind would be helpful, similar to mount/dismount key
  9. Been getting the same type of crash everyday since the dec, last year. Got a response from Anet, disable some of the programs running inthe background......didn't find that very useful.
  10. this is sort of extreme, but it hits how I feel. I've spent over an hour, closer to two, trying to do this so-called challenge. the biggest issue I have, once I HAD IT EXPLAINED TO ME, is the countdown/mish complete bar that the player has above his head. I must have played for over 30 mins w/o realizing that I had TO FULLY REFILL THAT BAR TO WIN. Because GW has never, in my memory, used such a device. In GW, you ALWAYS FILL THE BAR FROM ZERO. And you NEVER EVER lose progress once you've gained it. Right now I plan on just walking away from this point, maybe come back in a couple of da
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