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  1. First MMORPG I played was Shattered Galaxy, but I didn't play it for long. After that I played Anarchy Online until GW2 launched.
  2. For me personally I don't even want perfect balance, I want the meta to be shaken up more often. I like trying to find new builds, and the novelty of fighting new builds.
  3. I haven't played Tempest since not long after EOD launched and I realised that Harbinger shroud ignored magnetic aura. Is that fixed now?
  4. I used to play spvp a ton, I have around 3k matches played. I don't really play it any more, I think I haven't even finished placements this season. For me it is balance and more frequent balance patches that is important, and the reason why I stopped playing. Balance patches barely change anything and happen only 4 times a year. If something needs nerfing of buffing it can be in a bad state for way too long. For me also it isn't just about balance, but changing the meta. Shaking things up with different balance is content for pvp, when new builds emerge. To be completely honest I do
  5. Honestly I think you may be playingthis game right, and may actually be having more fun than most of the people that take it to seriously.
  6. Catalyst with hammer has a lot going on. There is keeping up the spinny orbs, energy for the sphere, comboing the field from the sphere, keeping track of stacks of empowering auras, trying to get max stacks of elemental empowerment. Coming from playing through the story on Tempest it feels like a lot of work to play.
  7. I just finished the story, and haven't done much else. The story started off really strong. I really enjoyed the first few chapters. It trailed off for me towards the end, and at some point in Echovald I just wanted to get it over with. It is alright, but not amazing. There are more than a few instances of the devs inserting their politics in there which made me roll my eyes, but nothing to get upset about. The maps look really good, and I have a lot more exploring to do. Kaineng feels a bit copy and paste, and empty, I rushed through the last 2 so didn't get a proper look. Musi
  8. Been my experience too and it is kind of odd. When I first entered the first map I thought maybe I was still in a story instance, or it was somehow bugged and I was in the map alone. Mayb they were worried about performance and limited the amount of people per map?
  9. I am alright with the changes. Could have been more drastic with nerfs to necro, and buffs to Tempest, but I will take it.
  10. Don't be upset. At least you are giving it a go to come up with builds, nothing wrong with that. I think maybe people are emoting like that because the new elites are so undertuned compared to the previous elites. The catalyst duelist build for example, why would you play that when fire weaver exists? The harbinger build may as well be called grief your team for not playing core or reaper. Based on my own testing I am not sure if any builds from the new specs are going to be any good without buffs we havent seen yet. I didn't think untamed was half as bad as some people thought, bu
  11. I don't want to play in a pre made team in ranked. I like the flexibility and convenience of solo queue. I don't want to form a static team, search for team mates, or have anyone have a preference for what build I will play. I don't want to face pre mades when I am solo queue.
  12. Personally I don't want more game modes, especially not with more than 5 per team. I don't want more modes that takes population or resources from conquest.
  13. Is this tier list with the new elites only? Or taking into account POF, and HOT specs? If it with the new specs in isolation then broadly I can see what you are saying. Personally I would have put vindicator and untamed a bit higher, and catalyst lower, but I don't feel strongly enough about it to argue the point. If it is taking the broader elites from other expansions then personally I would move pretty much all of the specs down a few places at least. From the last beta I didn't think they were competitive with the older specs.
  14. I played since launch and around 3 years ago stopped opening birthday presents, they are still in my mail. I don't have to deal with it.
  15. Feels pretty accurate, apart from core ranger. If you replaced ranger with mirage then I would be happy. I am not saying the valk ranger is bad, it is just I don't see many, and see more mirages.
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