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  1. I'm just here to pointlessly and needlessly dance on the grave of all the "sales are coming soon guys, stop being so impatient" people. 🕺
  2. Was condi pirate ship meta more fun than the boon spam reflect block meta?
  3. No one is rushing towards anything, they're simply comparing WvW reward gain rate to the other two methods of obtaining legendary armor, and it's absolutely horrendous. The only things that seem to take a relatively normal amount of time are Warbringer and Conflux.
  4. it was fairly recent yeah, they said "more rewards" is something they want, but decided to prioritize alliances. My issue with that is, surely increasing the rewards in WvW is not hard at all. Why wait until after Alliances are finished to improve that part of the game mode? Just do it now and stop wasting our time.
  5. Sorta begs the question as to why they can even be attacked/killed at all. All it does is lower the damage output in PvE and make the legend non-existent in WvW/PvP. (Though in PvP I've gotten some use out of them from people who don't kill/move away from it) Seriously, imagine if you could just kill Dragon's Maw. Sound dumb? Well that's the state of every Kalla ability.
  6. The bigger problem is it takes 15-20 hours to cap for the majority of players. I don't believe either raids or PvP take as long to earn the weekly rewards in as WvW does, and both are way more rewarding in other ways as well. With that amount of time required, most are having to negate the rest of the game entirely to reach the cap. This also doesn't even begin to cover the fact that active play doesn't speed up the process at all. You'll cap just as quickly capping SMC over and over as you will running yaks to keeps with Netflix open. If it were up to me, you'd get pips for completing activities on top of the 5 minute ticks, maybe 1 for a camp capture, 2 for a tower, 3 for a keep, 4 for SMC with additional pips for x number of player kills. The simple solution is to reduce the amount of time it takes to reach and complete Diamond.
  7. Just because you don't understand why someone else would care primarily about achievement hunting doesn't mean they should just arbitrarily delete achievements with no warning. Someone who is a completionist is going to be very bothered by not being able to ever go back and finish that last achievement of the bunch, and the only reason they can't is a complete failure to communicate on the part of the developers. Edit: You can spam confused all you want, it does not make it any less true, but certainly exposes your own lack of empathy.
  8. I really don't think GW3 ever gets made with the industry as it is, heavily favoring low-effort live-service games. The upfront cost of an MMO is staggering compared to less expensive and more profitable games that can be made. Compare how much work is involved in a Living World story patch to that of the average Fortnite update. A handful of skins in Fortnite vs an entire zone, voice acting work, armor and weapon skins, mastery implementations, narrative work, etc. To put it plainly, there's a reason new MMO releases nearly ceased after Wildstar. There's a reason Valorant, League of Legends, GTA Online, Fortnite, etc. are smashing successes. The genre isn't overwhelmingly popular right now. The novelty of interacting with other human beings online has been replaced entirely by social media. What was once unique is no longer that.
  9. Even better, add the coughing Asura from the fire elemental area in Metrica to Arborstone.
  10. Rarity isn't all that tbh. Some of the most popular plate gear, for example, is the Revenant gear that is basically just given to you.
  11. Absolutely want them to do this. Give life to the old aquatic weapons while also making underwater combat less irritating. Win win situation.
  12. Sad that you're getting spammed confused on you when you're 100% right. Yeah, because someone being denied achievement points by the developers is definitely equal to you being a lazy.
  13. The playerbase has absolutely grown. PoF was absolutely outsold by EOD. There are certain things they cannot legally lie about. Sure, maybe there's some weird metric they look at that shows players are engaging less with certain elements of the game, but I doubt it's related to a decline. I don't really believe expansion 4 would've been announced as early as it has been if the game was on the brink of death. Realistically as WoW continues to bleed to death, people get turned away immediately by the awful FF14 introduction, and ESO "balanced" the playerbase into quitting entirely, GW2 only stands to gain from that. I assume the executives are aware of that. The Steam release doesn't feel like it was particularly for any reason other than the industry having shifted from "each game has a launcher" to things like Steam or Origin or Epic long ago. GW2 was simply well behind in jumping on that wagon. It doesn't hurt that it will increase engagement with the game. It does seem a bit weird that there are no sales though. I don't think it's due to the in-game store being understaffed, realistically it probably takes them 5 minutes a day to manage.
  14. Yeah you'd love for them to do that, wouldn't you? Reaction system on this forum needs to be thrown into the sun. Discourages discussion, encourages spamming them.
  15. I just hit 300%, therefore I cannot support your petition for an increase as it would require me to go get more luck again.
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