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  1. Me : Watching the video The commander at 18m12s : "Make the res of Courgette." Me (knowing that specific player) : (͠≖ ͜ʖ͠≖)👍 EDIT : I checked with him and apparently it is his evil twin... I am sad and intrigued.
  2. Well... while I recognize the new VA did a great job mimicking the old one, I prefer old lines a lot. They felt more aggressive and passionate and to be honest I have learned to love them. That being said, I am also in favor of shortening the awkward moment at the beginning of the fight. There is nothing to do which is not exiting. So... Ideally It would be perfect if the old voice line would be played as a distant echo while we fight the veteran asura just before mai trin. It would make more sense from a suspension of disbelieve stand point than just idling for a couple of second while mai tr
  3. To be fair, we did actually received new content in fractal. They have changed Mai trin voice lines (which I am not sure I like). Plus the lava worms in Sunqua peack drop an orange AoE now instead of a red one since a few months ago (which improve visibility and it is a very small yet good change). It is not the "new content" you had in mind? Yeah... me neither! As a fractal addict I am hoping for more. 😄
  4. I have bad news for you, as far as DPS is concerned Staff tempest is indeed dead. Staff dps is rarely used in PvE and PvP anymore. For WvW, staff dps is decent but the other specs are simply better at it. For support... well Heal tempest is great in both PvP and WvW (both small scale roaming and zerg) but staff is not the weapon of choice, Dagger/Focus is. As far as PvE is concerned it is pretty much under-performing compared to other healer (even wighout staff) mainly because it neither maintain Quickness nor Alacrity which mean one damage dealer in the subgroup have to provide that boon a
  5. Note that supports are cleansing first and foremost for their subgroup of 5 people. If you only have 1 support for 20 players in your squad then you don't have enough cleansing/healing potential ; that could be the issue. If it is then you could try playing either a support scrapper or a support tempest. When we say they destroy condi build we mean it. It is not odd for these two to clean 4-5 condi per second around them (and they can burst cleanse a much higher amount when needed). If it is still not enough you could try antitoxine rune which both drastically improve t
  6. Elementalist is not the easiest class to learn but to be fair every class require to put some time and effort before understanding the mechanics and the controls. Yes, even the "simple" one! As far as the difficulty and the actual squishyness of the class is concerned, it highly depend on what build you are playing, Trailblazer or Celestial builds tend to be quite beefy. For example, as far as solo open world build are concerned, I would not call dagger/warhorn celestial Tempest squishy or super hard to play and that's probably the kind of build I would recommend for someone learning Elemental
  7. If all you want is some easy Gift of Battle while doing barely any WvW you could try doing the WvW daily and see if it works for you. They grant WvW reward track potion (you need 80 potions to finish a track). Some dailies are easy, like going to a merchant and buying an item, beating a veteran monster or killing five guards. It is easier but slower than playing some actual WvW ; still you will eventually progress toward your gift of battle. If you want to do Conflux though I have some bad news for you : You will need a lot of skirmish ticket and you cannot acquire them without investing c
  8. I'd recommend a trailblazer condi tempest focused exclusively on fire. Since you said she does not switch atunement I also assumed she would not use the overload hence the lack of aura and overload trait. I favored traits and skills that are passives and/or activate automatically to protect her in bad situation as well as skills that she can press on cooldown in a truly "head rolling on keyboard" fashion. For weapon I took scepter instead of dagger because it is more flashy and sparkly but dagger would also be a fine choice. The build is incredibly tanky and the elementals are there to carry t
  9. Since you are speaking of zerg/blob I will assume you are referring to WvW. The topic of your question is vast and deserve a lot more time and explanation than what I will give you. Just to set your expectation right it requires hours of guide reading before getting somewhere and the few pointers bellow are just appetizers that could require some adaptation depending on the situation. About not playing your class well when you lead... long story short it's ok. Everyone has a specific role in the squad and yours is to be the commander ; playing your class well is a secondary goal. It is bett
  10. It is a contentious topic. Essentially it is a matter of a different balance between sPvP and WvW, and a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere. I duel very occasionally and I made some good friend there. Duels are happening at the specific spot (south of Alpine borderland) instead of the Edge of the mist because of the short time needed to go there, the concentration of people passing by and nearby objectives to keep your participation rolling... and quite frankly because of habit at that point. Personally, I am not too sure about the participation argument. If a "duelist" is going to attack
  11. I would say it is one of the most popular EoD spec in PvP at the moment, I either play with or against one fairly frequently. In term of balance I would currently place it at the strong side of the spectrum. So to answer your question, do not worry the spec is very viable post patch.
  12. You did not say what game mode you are interested in so here is a quick summary : Prior to yesterday patch the general consensus about the class balance was that Elementalist was more or less outclassed by other builds in endgame PvE ; the patch addressed Catalyst previous nerf and that is pretty much it for PvE. Support tempest is not really played anymore, it does not have anything unique to it. As far as dps options are concerned both Tempest and Weaver tend to sacrifice every last bit of survivability and utility in order to catch their respective benchmark and that is probably not some
  13. Here is my modest dark humor contribution. The joke features a minor spoiler about Living world season 2, it has been a while since it was released but with the constant flow of new player so you never know :
  14. For Catalyst hammer 3, adding a small internal cooldown per target instead of reducing the power coefficient seems like a more natural solution to address the same issue. The increased duration on the orbs is probably a good change. The number adjustment of hammer skills would probably disappoint people that wanted more fundamental changes. I guess it is the simplest most effective way of increasing the dps. And well... if it end up behing competitive then the spec will be played for sure. I just don't feel excited for it and I am afraid a lot of people aren't either. The exposed change loo
  15. Hi WvW roamer perspective here, here are the approach I came up with (I mainly play double dagger celestial Tempest) : -For Mechanist the most successful strategy I have found is to kite around the mech as much as possible. I am constantly looking for terrain nearby and I absolutely abuse the pathing AI as much as humanly possible. If I feel like I can kill the mech i'll go for it but i refrain myself from committing too hard on it and I always check for Overclock signet first. It feels bad to trade all your offensive cooldown if the Mech will just respawn immediately afterward. Since th
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