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  1. From what website are you accessing? Guild Wars 2 german support page should be Support für Guild Wars 2
  2. Locking this cause as much fun some people could have with it, this thread probably won't end well.
  3. Hi, I would like to remind you all to please keep the conversation civil and avoid to use comments to make personal attacks or passive aggressive remarks against each other or else will be locking this thread.
  4. I'm locking this thread because the way this thread is developing it's going to probably derail. For inquires regarding third party tools you better contact CS team but as far I know, voice chat apps are/should be good.
  5. I'm locking this thread because clearly discussion isn't going anywhere and it's really turning into users passively-aggressively trying to convince each other (unsuccessfully).
  6. Hi, I'm locking this thread as conversation is not going anywhere and it has devolved into players picking on each other.
  7. Please I would like to remind you all to please be civil and avoid using posts to pick on each other.
  8. Locking for necromancy. If poster want's to suggest a feature it's welcome to do it in the QoL Suggestions thread.
  9. Greetings, I would like to remind you all to please be civil and avoid using comments for personal attacks on each other.
  10. I'm locking this because there are already more recent threads discussing the state of PvP. No need to necro this one.
  11. I would like to remind you all about keeping your posts civil and on topic and please refrain of using your posts to personally attack other users.
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