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  1. Rock Gazelle have 2898 toughness. A player would have to stack toughness everywhere to reach that high... The Mech of the Mechanist will always have 1000 more toughness then the player. I haven't tried beta 2, but I suspect toughness wasn't the reasons for failing to keep aggro. My Mech in beta 1 didn't always keep aggro either.
  2. They are adding the "attack my target" and "return to me" as F6/F7 by default (can be remapped). The OP didn't copy the intro paragraphs that mentioned that change.
  3. I was expecting it with all the people complaining Mechanist was OP because they were managing to solo some Champions and clearing trash mobs as if other classes/builds couldn't do it faster than the Mechanist already... Power Mechanist was already a bottom tier DPS build and they basically removed any power DPS from the Mech. 🙄
  4. Goin by the Norn personal story steps (The Dredge Hideout during the Order storyline), Anet doesn't really care that you don't fit into mechs...
  5. If that player managed to get the mech killed, I doubt going Holosmith is going to help them stay alive against whatever they are facing.
  6. Basically the build I was testing (i.e. mostly Celestial), except I had Firearms over Alchemy.
  7. Probably just running around in the default gear (Soldier). I ran around in Celestial and it wasn't melting against normal enemies, but not tanky enough to survive a Veteran Bristleback rapid fire attack without healing/barrier. It also killed that Bristleback slower than I can kill them with any other classes in the game. The Mech big burst attacks (Spark Revolver) make short work of low HP enemies, but Reaper's Soul Spiral does it better... Mechanist is just Necro Minions Master with all the minions additively smashed together into a single one. Except everything was put into the Mech s
  8. This ^. I use GW2efficciency for crafting shopping list, managing my banks/characters and sometimes looking at "collectible" (skins/pets) that I don't have yet to see if they are easy to get. The site is a great way to look at your entire account without having to log into all your characters.
  9. I'm pretty sure that was the goal for mace.
  10. I tried it underwater and the single ability we get instead of being able to have a Mech really doesn't make up for losing the toolbelt skills. I also tried Mechanist with Mace without the Mech around and I'm not feeling that underpowered. I'm probably not going to solo Champions without the Mech, but I did fine against Veteran level enemies and small groups. I don't feel the lost of the toolbelt overland personally.
  11. Some feedbacks with PvE play. When I stepped outside LA, there was a group event with like 10-15 Mechanists and I lost sight of my Mech because they all look the same. It took me a good 30 seconds before I found the blue name tag among all that green Jade tech (I was playing an Asura ,the camera position might make this worst). We really need to have some visual customization. I like the two dye channels idea (one for the green, one of the metal). Some green highlight could remains because Jade Tech thought. The break bar feels kinda useless, PvE enemies with CC broke it in o
  12. It was shown as working in the stream last Friday right before showing Static Discharge. Someone mentioned Mechanized Deployment not working in the bug thread thought.
  13. With the way the cooldown works, it's probably full regen on recall. We will know later today.
  14. He's talking about the passive from the grandmaster J-Drive that cause the Mech that is away (in cooldown for repairs or dismissed) to randomly strike enemies around you.
  15. Tools work with the Mech Commands F skills as if they were toolbelt skills, it was mentioned and shown in the stream start at 1:47:40.
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