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  1. To be honest, I don't care about Bladesworn. I've already labeled it a dud, a lemon of a spec that isn't going to be recalled anytime soon. And I agree with rarely seeing it around. I only play pvp and wvw. Bladesworn does show up more in pvp than wvw. But I just don't care for it. Even if I lose to the shout heal sustain, I just don't care because I know for a fact that I lost against overtuned sustain rather than skill, build or espec for that matter lol.
  2. They've also neutered warrior. I don't know what they're thinking. Out of all the classes, the fun with warrior was cut down. That's why it feels like such a chore to get kills on warrior these days. Our damage has been reduced continuously and our CC skills hit for nothing now. What the hell is going on? They treat warrior so cheaply and give only crumbs. And I'm not one of the people that over complain or think anet has it out for warrior. I just think anet is ridiculously narrow minded about warrior, overcautious and lack fluidity regarding warrior.
  3. Just how they reworked ranger skills, they need to redo some warrior skills as well. Warrior is not the simplest class anymore in my opinion . Ranger is. The difference is that ranger is way easier to win with in competitive modes.
  4. I think it was to appease someone or a group, I can't remember the details of the rumor. But yea, anet had put forth effort to nerf it for no reason. I wish they added something to spellbreaker for "balance" but nope. They just gave a shout heals a boost. Oh, joy.
  5. Before the CC change, I'd also wish for [Hundred Blades] to be changed, but I would change it to a moving attack like scrapper 3, cancelable though. It'd be ridiculous having to move that much without the ability to cancel lol. But the CC change made warrior so less fun and as @RaveOnYou said, made some warrior weapons unmeaningful. [Earthshaker] was also one of the bursts close to my heart but look how they massacred my boy smh. Reverse the CC change on warrior. Under oath, that would be my one pick.
  6. Same. I pretend I'm retreating for half a second, showing them my back and then they commit to chase. Before they know it, they're flat on the floor. But landing [Bull's Charge] ain't much these days. Rarely is there anyone without stun breaks. I just had a pvp match against a hammer warrior. I dodged every CC lol. I admit I got caught off guard in the first team fight, but afterwards, he hit nothing but air. I didn't even dodge lol. I just stepped away knowing full well what comes after hammer 4 is hammer 5, like clockwork.
  7. I always felt Shoutsworn was on borrowed time. Its sustain is ridiculously silly. If they don't nerf it then fine but its such a glaring nonsense facet of the build. Without shout heals, bladesworn is a freebie.
  8. I could never understand how anyone could play with that constant neighing.
  9. Very spot on. If someone can't recognize the obvious warrior animations, they need their eyes checked. Warrior is the easiest class to dodge by design.
  10. This really screwed the fun for warrior and ruined hammer For a moment, let's forget how warrior plays and what you think it needs to become balanced. Put that all to the side. You're right, OP. The fun factor is taking a big dip. Not to mention the sustain they buffed was shout heals. Shout heals are so dam cheap looking. No animations. No cool effects. Its just yells. So the epitome of warrior is mediocre damage and multiple short burst heals? Is that the class I picked all those years back in 2012? Jeez. I swear I can sense their resentment sometimes. Well, the feeling is mutual,
  11. I'm glad this is getting pointed out. But not just mobs get their way, I also think some people who shouldn't have any say are getting their way also. From what I've heard, [Winds of Disenchantment] was nerfed because of complaints by a few. I sense the reigns of power regarding such things are loosely held and handled sometimes carelessly.
  12. This is the truth about warrior. If you're not dodging everything or mitigating the obvious warrior attacks, you're not good at Guild Wars 2 pvp. I trounced a core gs/axe&shield warrior while I played core rifle warrior only because I played the class for so long and just watched for the obvious set ups: [Bull's Charge] and [Shield Bash]. Oh, you have your greatsword out? Yea, you're going to [Arching Slice] soon. I'll just be here out of range, dawg. Good luck landing it. That warrior had to avoid me every match we had against one another because he knew that he couldn't beat me. Not
  13. This is what I wanted instead of Bladesworn. I wanted a grappler or "boxer" that had a similar gameplay to berserker from Black Desert but no cannon arm. I just wanted a boxer or grappler character that used foci as fist weapons. But if I had to choose which warrior would be my ideal warrior, I'd choose a spartan warrior and Conan the Barbarian. The spartan warrior embodies how a warrior is as a team member with the phalanx, shoulder to shoulder with other warriors to defend and attack. Conan the Barbarian embodies a warrior in the form of wanderer, conqueror and king.
  14. In a perfect world, we would have an off-hand burst in a F2. An F2 shield burst could be charge + knockdown, similar to off-hand mace 5. Or it could be charge + knockback if knockdown is too strong.
  15. I never knew this. I thought it was because Rytlock saw upcoming patch notes regarding warrior and decided to roll another class to dodge the nerf hammer. I guess I was wrong.
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