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  1. Bumping to let you all know wintersday is a big time of year for slackers, lots of community events and lots of prizes 😄
  2. Come help us stress test this new application bot! and then stay for the awesome people and fun times! Use the discord link in the OP and come hang out with us 😄
  3. Hey, sorry for the late reply i was at work for a few days.. we would love to have you, more Aussies and Mesmers are always welcome 😄 .. you can use the link in the main post to get straight into our discord and fill out the intro form to get an invite if you like, or i can send you one in game and you can join discord from there
  4. We're still recruiting, Raid/Fractal/Strike training, as well as regular T4's and full Strike clears
  5. Now's a better time than ever to join slackers! We're coming into festival season which means lots of prizes are gonna start flowing.. other than bribery 😛 other good reasons to join are: The great community we've built up over the years over multiple games Raids/Strikes/Fractals and Dungeons all get done weekly Sometimes we even do other cool stuff like HP/MP trains, Bounty trains and guild missions If you're still not convinced, we can try some more bribery, but come check us out!!
  6. Hey Tyrians, we're still looking for people to round out our static team, if you're interested send me a DM
  7. Hey sorry yeah i try to check here at least once a day if I'm not working.. ill try to catch you online sometime, its always good to see someone coming back to the game 😄
  8. Hey all, like Tyse said above we are recruiting for general members and also for a CM strike progression group, but that's not all we offer! We have regular monthly fashion contests with a new theme each month for you fashion wars players! Monthly raffles that has prizes including but not limited to precursors and legendaries! We also have some awesome nights to chill with people across the whole community, no matter what game you play!
  9. Bump Bump. Slackers is officially recruiting again leading up to the EoD expansion, not much has changed for us in the last 2 years but I'll give you all an update on our current scheduling! All events start at NA 8pm PST Sun: Dungeons | Tues: Strikes | Thurs: Fractals (we accommodate beginners and regular T4 groups) | Sat: Community wide social event. We also offer some fun activities such as a Fashion Contest | Raffles | Event Drives and more! We have plenty of guild members who are happy to jump in and help if anyone asks, and welcome New and Returning as well as Veterans looking for a home! We will be looking into doing Strike CMs as well when If you think we sound like a good fit for you, feel free to reply here or message one of us listed in the OP and we'll get the process started ^.^
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