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  1. positive changes overall , but i think the energy is counterproductive especially with sypport catalyst . Some people said that orb mechanic should be ammo based rather than energy and i completely agree on that matter . Also water orb , should be a water field
  2. forgot to mention that I crashed too . But i though it can be from DX11
  3. As the title says all the achievements were wiped and the titles also.i checked my account to see if my Gw1 account was active and it is. help?
  4. Catalyst so far : hammer weapon : the damage is low and the weapon itself is slow . Idea: fire attunement : keep the speed as it is but increase the damage on weapon 2 and 4 . Weapon 5 need its cast time reduce water attunement :since it is melee needs some sustain . weapon 2 might heal the caster instead air attunement :is fine imo earth attunement : weapon 5 need its cast time reduce Spec mechanic: The cooldown of the sphere itself in such small duration and energy build up is VERY big. It disrupts the flow of the spec and makes the spec worst than core ele . Since th
  5. that's not a bug , Anet hasn't added that yet
  6. so far : 1) building up energy (only in combat) feels very slow (tested only on hammer) and it's unrewarding in a fast pasted fractal senario where catalyst has to end the spheres combo 2) i don't see the reason why should lose all energy -and has to slowly build up again in pve - with the F5 skill
  7. Sphere's has no energy and end prematurely edit :it's combat only . Should it work that way ?
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