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  1. Ever since the gem purchasing window was 'reworked' I am unable to purchase gems through my bank anymore. Payment options are as followed: Other - iDeal - ING bank (not working) I really need this fixed so I can waste my hard earn money on shiny stuff.
  2. What everyone else said + Why pistol? Who came up with that decision? How did you come up with that decision? Necromancer doesn't need any more ranged weapons. Hammer. Hammer is what necromancers need. P.S.: Couldn't you just give legendaries to beta characters instead of clustering inventories with rare gear? Oh and why are beta characters allowed in RANKED spvp?
  3. Some of these observation seem to have been made months ago. Revenant is barely touched while currently it requires no skill to play in PvP. 95% of the revenants you meet in ranked games are all the same and deal massive amount of damage while still being able to keep themselves up.
  4. So... Here I am. First ever forum post (I've been playing since launch) and it is not on a happy note. Let me tell you my story from tonight's 3v3 matches and I am pretty sure others have experienced this. With a guildmate we double queue for 3v3. We won two games and I got to 1510 rating (Finally can wear that plat badge again). But then we queued up against of 2 necros and 1 not logged in yet. When the third person loaded in he was a necro too. We were up against a team of 3 necros. (For those who don't know: You can not queue up as 3 of the same class.) And of course our team got co
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