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  1. Title should be self-explanatory. If the Tool Kit doesn't repair the mech, make it repair the mech. It would open up a lot of build diversity for the Mechanist, and potentially even allow for synergies with turrets.
  2. Skill effects that override/ruin your fashion choices are bad. Engineer kits used to be awful. Guardian Aegis was complained about for years. The Untamed animation is especially intrusive, covering your entire body. Please, get rid of it and come up with something less overwhelming. Preferably an indicator that isn't attached to the body at all, like the Herald's upkeep effect.
  3. I have indeed whitelisted their whole support account list and turned off all existing filters.
  4. So, another ticket through gmail got me a reply within an hour.... telling me to try again with my yahoo email. Trouble is, no emails or tickets sent from yahoo have given me responses or confirmations. Is there something I can do?
  5. Distortion during dragon trigger would be the most anime thing ever. Dodge everything while standing perfectly still.
  6. I'm liking a hybrid of these ideas. Namely, stability on ammo skill usage. This would also help the Dragon Trigger since it has two built in ammo skills (aegis and teleportation).
  7. Your post is a phenomenal breakdown of why we don't need another power rune. Look at how many options we have and tell me that Power Vindicator is lacking for runes. What they do lack is a runeset for the entire support HALF of the specialization.
  8. Is more Vigor even needed? You basically already have perma vigor with Song of Arboreum plus your choice of Retribution, Invocation, or Salvation traitlines (so, literally every build other than Destruction/Corruption/Vindicator). Vindicator has some mad endurance regen.
  9. What if your major Adept traits determined your Alliance Utilities. Luxon Trait - Lose access to St Viktor utilities. Alliance Tactics becomes Luxon Tactics, which refreshes Luxon skill cooldowns and grants a damage buff. Takes longer to cool down. Kurzick Trait - Lose access to Archemorus utilities. Alliance Tactics becomes Kurzick Tactics which refreshes Kurzick cooldowns and grants a stacking benevolence buff. Takes longer to cool down. Alliance Trait - as is.
  10. What effects do you want on the Superior Rune of the Bladesworn? Personally, I'd like Power/Ferocity or Power/Precision with a 6th bonus that grants Might on using an ammunition skill. It would synergize with the new utilities, rifle, axe/pistol, gunblade, shouts, and physicals.
  11. What effects do you want the Superior Rune of the Vindicator to have? Personally, I'd like something that focuses on the hybrid damage/support nature of the spec. Those going Shiro or Jalis as their second legend already have good rune options, but there are no Power & Healing Power runes for those wishing to go Ventari. * Power * Healing Power * Power * Healing Power * Power * +125 Healing Power, Give allies within 300 radius Alacrity for 2s after dodging.
  12. So, I'm in a situation where I have a new phone number and am transitioning to new internet. When the old internet is terminated, I'll be permanently locked out of my 6.4k hour account until support removes the existing 2 factor authentication with my old phone number. But I can't work the support site at all. I'm not even convinced it's possible to work it. Logging in to the Support brings me to my account page. Tickets can't be submitted from there. My login doesn't carry over to the Support, and any attempt to log in just brings me back to my account page in an endless, disfunc
  13. I have 17 characters with 2 of almost every class. I main Scrapper and Firebrand. I intend to main Vindicator. Ranger and Ele are not my classes. Nice try though.
  14. Core Warrior traits are so much better than core Ele and especially Ranger traits. Seriously, have you read Beastmaster and Nature Magic trait lines? They haven't kept up with the game's general power creep at all.
  15. Revenant GS is basically Ranger GS with a different skill 5. Not that I'm complaining. Ranger GS is the most fun one.
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