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  1. There is no down vote or dislike reaction. So the community decides on one.
  2. I would love the option to individually mute NPCs.
  3. If Anet could, they would go back and make crafting Gen 1 bound automatically.
  4. You are likely to make more precursors the same way Gen 2.1 precursors are made.
  5. Anet should come up with solutions to having too many mats rather than "fix it" with a monetary solution to an artificial problem they created.
  6. A couple factors. Those fishing circles is likely were the good drops are. Those circles likely disappear after collecting a fish once, just like any node. They could make it so that you can't fish anymore after so many catches.
  7. This is how expensive these were when I first made the HoT Elite Spec weapons. PoF was so much better since you needed the unique sunspear weapon unlock instead of a Mystic weapon. However, that was still up to 100g for a while unless you got lucky. Mystic Coins will always be annoyingly expensive. You're better off having multiple accounts to dull that pain.
  8. I'm fine if there aren't hearts if there is some kind of repeatable reward track of value or thematic chains of events.
  9. There are A LOT more unobtainable AP that Mystic Benefactor and Researcher can't even compete with. The Origins of Madness which got a return is pretty nice! It will all come whenever they can.
  10. Imagine having to wait years for a thing that is out before you even get a choice of one.
  11. Willbender Physical skills are very lacking in utility, aside from the one that lets you shadowstep back. The healing could use longer block time considering the heal effectiveness is poor. Maybe it heals based on how many attacks you block rather than "I didn't block anything so I might as well have not used it". Virtuoso was actually fun and useful all around. The Psionic skills each do something different and keep combat dynamic.
  12. Competitive gets two ways to get legendary armor. PvE should get two as well.
  13. Map completion is harder than failing through WvW and PvP.
  14. If they added a PvE OW way of getting legendary armor, it will be a lot more than just having to explore. You'll have to do Fractals and Dungeons regularly, World Bosses and all of the hardest Jump Puzzles every week, and then put lots of resources and maybe even a Gift of Exploration into each one. It will be harder than failing through Competitive PvP and WvW. Which is just fine.
  15. I have not regretted legendary runes for even a second. I even made one for the aquabreather. They can be used on all characters on any level 80 equipment with rune slots. Quality of life to try any rune variation with no additional costs from here on out.
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