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  1. It obviously wouldn't be for weapons. Armor slots are only for one specific gear while weapon slots are for any kind of weapon. If they were to update weapons the same way as armor, then I can see cosmetic weapon slots added to the wardrobe in the empty space on the right. Having soul bound copies generally clutters up a system. The way GW2 does things it just isn't design for it.
  2. Either having the gathering tools put into the armory or just let us use the tools directly from the inventory (shared inventory slots), I'd be okay with.
  3. 1.) I LOATHE raids, but I want a game fun for everyone. There should be a raid and up to two fractals added a year. 2.) A side story or mini episode every few Living World chapters that is their own self contained story. 3.) A real personalized base/home that makes regular appearances in the main story.
  4. You bet they'll make use do the JPs in every episode up into IBS again. We will also do all Hearts in every episode, open both chests in the locked areas in Lake Doric, fight both bosses in Draconis Mons, complete every meta once each, etc. You will have to do everything one extra time when the collections roll out.
  5. Classes like Guardian really lack great long ranged weapons since Longbow is antithetical to everything Dragonhunter. Warrior does fine now with Rifle Berserker.
  6. React is the emoticons and reply is an actual comment that quotes you.
  7. Zephyrite vendors are for materials that aren't account bound that flood the market. You are supposed to discard materials you don't plan on using. They exist to make people who don't play the game much to play more to get certain new things. It does suck that IBS doesn't let you consume its materials for volatile magic. At least you can sell Bjora Marches' ingots.
  8. Which specific setting disables the react notifications, but not the reply notifications.
  9. Which recipe did you need and what is it for? There may be alternatives to be able to craft the ascended item.
  10. Dragonsblood weapons. Laurel requirements interferes with half the content in Thunderhead Peaks.
  11. It will work the same way it does now. Its just that when you equip it to a character, other characters will see it with the link icon. The big problem is that there are race specific skins that will make it impossible to use unless they separate transmutation from equipment. We can only hope that wardrobe finally gets separated from gear.
  12. Getting notifications of whenever someone REACTS to my comments is pretty annoying.
  13. The worst thing is that this already exists in the game. They just never released it.
  14. A few things I must note before you read my review. This is pretty much the only game I play right now. I would have quit if I didn't buy HoT before I finished Personal Story. Zhaitan was just that bad! Sunken cost fallacy is what kept me going and that is not good for any game. I stick to PvE 99.9%. I don't like competitive play at all. I loathe Raids since it does not play like the rest of GW2. I am willing to do WvW before I do Raids. Exploration: 9/10 The world is fun to explore and find all the things hidden in it and the chain e
  15. The want you to Replay the entire episode, not just the beats that give you the part completion. If the part that gives you credit is outside an instance, you won't get it. This is working as intended.
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