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  1. "We're having daily sales, check Twitter exclusively and NOT the website to see what those sales are!"
  2. There are threads specifically thinking the xp grind for filling the Mastery bar is too much. I think it is fine just where they are, minus some IBS Masteries.
  3. You can AFK and fail your way to full legendary armor in WvW. Adding a second legendary armor to PvE since Competitive gets two would actually be more work than PvP and WvW puts into theirs. All arguments against players wanting ways to get legendary in every game mode or saying that "players are too lazy to raid" are defeated.
  4. If Rytlocke falls behind before you reach the first ice wall, he will stop moving and won't catch up to finish the conversation to melt it with Crecia. The instance needs to be reset. For future reference, don't make NPC placement vital to a conversation that prevents an instance from continuing.
  5. People forget that LWS1 almost killed GW2 with every piece of content developed disappearing forever as fast as it was added. How it was done back then was very anti casual. Champions repeated all those mistakes.
  6. When GW2 is releasing a full episode every few months and having an expansion every 2-3 years is when it was in a good place. IBS was a stumbling finish and face plant, without getting up for two years, has been the worst.
  7. Not to mention the notification spam when it isn't a comment. I want comment replies and thread comment activity only.
  8. Now we just need each build to remember which boxes are checked.
  9. So just tie the buff activation to the specific trinket slots was the solution. Can't wait to see where this tech goes in the future if used for more features.
  10. There is no down vote or dislike reaction. So the community decides on one.
  11. I would love the option to individually mute NPCs.
  12. If Anet could, they would go back and make crafting Gen 1 bound automatically.
  13. You are likely to make more precursors the same way Gen 2.1 precursors are made.
  14. Anet should come up with solutions to having too many mats rather than "fix it" with a monetary solution to an artificial problem they created.
  15. A couple factors. Those fishing circles is likely were the good drops are. Those circles likely disappear after collecting a fish once, just like any node. They could make it so that you can't fish anymore after so many catches.
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