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  1. I did the racing adventure which gave 5 and then the lighting adventure which didn't give me its 5.
  2. Seeing luck and account bound recipes with no vendor value is easily the worst kinds of drops.
  3. I'm glad I got the backpack glider with 5 keys. I'll try for the outfit in the next rotation if the new item is any good.
  4. Just join them, right click them, and block them. I've had enough when one merged my unrelated Shiverpeak Strike group, which killed the instance while we were in it.
  5. Savage Instinct still swaps your Berserk skill to the old, out of date version.
  6. I can't even be bothered to complete the AP given for doing Celestial Challenge in previous years. Finding out it only gives 10 per run doesn't encourage me to do it more. The number of events in the Challenge needs to give more progress to the weekly.
  7. It says the adventures as well as the race and Celestia Challenge. Got no progress when getting gold in the adventure. Also Celestial only granting 10 per Chest of the New Year I'm pretty sure is low compared to Bell Choir granting it per song event, not the completion.
  8. So the dragon helmet is awesome. Too bad they disabled the helmet in dungeon cut scenes and the LW4 finale. Also interactions and scenes that change your outfit.
  9. Normally you aren't guaranteed to also salvage the upgrade in the equipment. The Runecrafter salvager guarantees to salvage the upgrade too, but you will mainly get lucent motes.
  10. The Dragon Statues for the guild hall are absolute dog water. The quality and splendor of the Tiger statues has been the only good decorations from this event in years.
  11. It's because the notes and the change contradict each other. I was using it solely for the proc, not the activation. The trait forces players to use torch instead of choosing other build options.
  12. I really was expecting that you had to at least have the ascended recipes for the stat inscription/oth when legendary runes and sigils were first announced.
  13. I wish Warclaw and those sieges worked on every map. Making map exclusive mechanics without letting it be used anywhere is is a shame.
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