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  1. I know that someone's already raised this point before but I really want Anet to add more legen's effect on engi skill. For ex, why it effect on grenade barrage only when we use on the main-hand? or add the effect for grenade skill#1-5 or add the footfall even while we use the engineering toolkit pls
  2. I have got some points from trying this new Espec - The CD of gunsaber skills are quite too long since we are forced to use this gunsaber as a second weapon even they have the ammo. But CD still too high - Why we get the CD on weapon swapping after using the Dragon Slash? Edit* - Why [Flicker Step] trigger [Swift as the wind] but not trigger [Brave Stride]?
  3. Yes That look like Warrior and it's confirm by the yellow-orange color. And possibly get only one-handed pistol either main- or off- handed.
  4. Pistols shooting fireworks with either provide boons or aoe dps. So colorful and sparkling!!
  5. Probably more about main hand (if not dual) so that engie can pair it with shield and go for defensive tanking elite spec (again...)
  6. Since the leak say it’s a mace… So I still wait for the confirmation from Anet and I think the type of new weapon doesn’t make the whole new elite spec being bad elite spec. There are still other things such as new utility skills, themes and the elite spec mechanics ( like holo that got mh sword but also had the photon forge as a spec mechanics )
  7. Yes I faced this situation too. I really have to worry about it every time I want to use it to keep 100% quickness to party
  8. Yah I have a bit concern about that since core engie can use only 1 mh weapon and 2 oh weapons so if we get a new oh weapon, we have only 1 mh choice and if we get new oh, it's gonna be like holo and we may end up using engie tools like the same. I really expect to get a 2-h weapon for higher choices for weapon skills like greatsword or staff. Both of them can be either melee or range, physical or magical depend on the elite spec mechanics.
  9. Are there any speculations about new spec’s weapon that engineer most likely to get? Or either 1-h or 2-h weapon that engie have higher chance to get?
  10. We can wait to see the new elite spec for thief first. Since guadian gonna be like a new thief, then thief will be combined with some other profession and takeover their roles
  11. I still hope that there is a chance that the bullet icon not for warrior. But if it gonna be a pew pew warrior, at least give it a dual pistols not just only mh or oh pistol.
  12. I think it may be a Thief but my mind hope that it’s a new Guadian elite spec bcoz I expect new Thief elite spec gonna be cooler than this artwork
  13. Just curious that all the elite spec artworks from hot&pof only show their unlock weapon, for example, berserker hold a torch while the other hand is empty, chrono/soulbeast/holo/weaver/etc also the same. Why the latest one showing 2 dw swords if it gonna unlock only off hand one?
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