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  1. Sorry, would it have been more obvious if I called it a highly skilled RNG knockdown?
  2. If you do this, you've gotta allow it to actually move during the wind up, or it's never gonna hit anything again. Which falls into a larger topic of pet AI, which is absolutely a problem and in desperate need of changing and I doubt EoD is bringing it even though it badly needs to. Nobody likes getting hit with a million IQ knockdown from an AI for good reason, but the other times it happens it's completely inconsequential (or whiffs, or whatever). Same applies to big damage hits like tail swipe. I don't disagree here either, but I think if pets are meant to be a useful mech
  3. What specifically is different about them that would warrant it? They're both multi-hitting skills in which the CC is applied on a different instance of damage than what would be the actual damaging hit. The statement made earlier is that a skill isn't allowed, on any given strike, to do both CC and damage at the same time. That's true for Hunter's Ward, Pistol Whip, even Palm Strike. It's not true for Path of Scars. I'm mostly just goofing around because it wouldn't be a meaningful change for the weapon, but of all the multi-hit CC skills, Path of Scars is the onl
  4. if longbow 5 on dh is allowed to do damage while having a cc attached to it, someone make ranger's axe 4 do damage while traveling out since that's not the cc part too jk offhand axe doesn't exist in pvp
  5. I dunno about the most broken or whatever but I definitely think teef's their hardest class in the game to balance in SPvP and it's in large part because of a combination of their mobility, stealth, and the speed at which you can neutralize a point. Throw in that it's really hard to truly punish a thief and it's a difficult class to work with. You start giving it strengths and that mobility becomes a huge force multiplier. Rev's similar to a certain degree when it comes to +1ing fights. I'm not really sure how you keep what people like about thief and a lot
  6. i don't like pets as a general mechanic i feel like they're either god tier gamers or completely useless and there's very little inbetween, particularly the ones that have CCs like smokescale also mine always feels like he dumdum while the other team's pets are galaxy brain i also think the amount of aoe spam that's been brought to a game mode built around node defense is a huge problem for both balance and enjoyment
  7. It's partially that, but even running pet builds, they've always felt more functional to me. I think the pets work better in that game because YOU control everything besides it just being a autoattack bot. But also like, the build diversity and ability to step into different roles feels much better to me, where in GW2 I often feel like ranger's kind of stuck because it lacks things like traits/utilities/mechanics that let it say, participate in large scale combat, have sustained damage builds (I always really liked playing like, poison arrow interrupters in GW1), and having th
  8. eh idk, i like it thematically much more than rangers/hunters in other rpg, and soulbeast is such a cool archetype to me as far as a spec goes, like lemme just merge my soul with my buddies, 10/10 but man, there's a lot of really frustrating things like, pets being simultaneously a gigantic threat (from a highly skilled random CC or whatever) and also potentially completely useless is really crappy i feel like a lot of the mechanics of the class are pretty poorly done and the class is limited in a lot of ways that i never felt about it in GW1
  9. I know that most players are just trying to get their boxes done as efficiently as possible, but man the amount of necro players is really draining. I'm just trying to have some fun while I finish my boxes man. Ranger's not that great in 2s but it's really rough this go around. 😕
  10. Mate what no lol That bug was fixing creating multiple tendrils You can literally hop on, stun a dummy and hit it and watch it function the way he's saying.
  11. yo i wanna be really mad so here's another one take the damage off lightning reflexes already because i'm sick and tired of it immediately failing despite being an evade because of shocking aura it literally serves no purpose, the damage doesn't need to exist, it never should have from the very start
  12. wat lol You mean seed? Of course it's stupid. Everyone knows that. But immobilize is not seeds. Taking out immob as a condition entirely because it's not "fun" would mean you need to take out every debuff. Blind's not fun, it makes me miss my big buttons. Stuns aren't cool cause I can't hit buttons in em. Daze locks my fun out. Debuffs make the player suffering have less fun. That's the point. They make it harder to fight. Doesn't mean they need removed as an entire mechanic.
  13. Axe builds are okay, but I think this is something that you can apply a bit more broadly across the entire class, honestly. You more or less NEED a ranged weapon, because ranger isn't a great toe to toe class, and so your choices become fairly limited, and GS is an incredibly strong weapon. It's actually something I've been curious about when it comes to the next elite spec as well. Like, a brawler spec? Bunny thumper or something? The elite itself has to be extremely overloaded so that you're beefy enough to stay in. A long range condi more or less invalidates shortbo
  14. Seeds is dumb but literally no CC will ever be "fun" for anyone who has to get hit by it. Not hitting buttons isn't fun. Not getting to play isn't fun. It won't ever be. Doesn't mean a mechanic needs removed. Like I can't even imagine a player in a more real pvp game using the same line of logic, they'd get made fun of and deserve it.
  15. I wish MH dagger had an evade on the leap or something. Maybe they're afraid of it and sword becoming too similar, but it's really pretty underwhelming in PvP.
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