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  1. Snargle and his asuran agent Blish (hope we can rescue him from the mist) Rama and Yao
  2. I am wondering which server has better connection from SEA? Anybody know how to compare the pings?
  3. I think it is more that Kas and Jory got disproportionate amount of screen time, for a character development side story. It makes the devs seem biased towards these two and their relationship. For the players that likes them, it's great. But for others that much prefer other Dragon's Watch members (or other characters), it gets tedious. As other posts have said, if Kas and Jory got a wedding scene, other members should have gotten an epilogue specific to them as well. Currently, Kas and Jory gets way too much spotlight and their story arc feels pushed far too strongly onto the player
  4. My 2 cents: 1. All Unlimited Tools are for convenient sake. The return is super low compared to price. You would need to gather thousands to hundred thousands times to get back the original value. (IDK, I never counted, but you get the idea). 2. Black Lion Keys appears on Sale from time to time. You can buy them on sale price and stock them up until something you want is on Black Lion Chest or Statuette Trader. 3. If you have old characters, they would get Black Lion Statuette from Birthday Gifts, you should check how many you have first. 4. Returning items come up randoml
  5. Semantics. GW2 has never ever been a F2P game. It's always been B2P with Free Trial added later. NOT F2P. There is no reason not to buy the expansions if you are still playing after the Free Trial. New specs are options, not pay to win.
  6. Much better if you tried out other class and find one to be your alts. Such as waste just to use it only for the equipments. There are several benefits for Lv. 80 alts, for example you can park your alts in Jumping Puzzle chests for daily free loots. Also, bear in mind that the equipment from Lv. 80 boosts are unsalvageable. Meaning that it is better to eventually replace it to make sure you won't lose your runes and sigils.
  7. Absolutely true. But don't be afraid to ask, I've seen many players are helpful in strikes. Usually only groups with "EXP" tag are quite dismissive of newbies. Map chats are usually helpful as well, although you will find trolls everywhere. That being said, Arenanet could have spend some thoughts to improve LFG Infrastructure, at least to help newbies onboard harder content like raid, strike and DE Meta.
  8. Most big meta events runs on timer. You can follow them here. Event timers - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) For other events not under a timer, there is no tracker that I know of. Some dynamic events have it's own achievement like the ones in Seitung, e.g. Aetherblade Shenanigans - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W) But most, especially in Core Tyria, don't have its own achievement.
  9. If you've completed PoF story, you can acquire an item to exchange Eyes of Kormir with bags of loot. Spearmarshal's Plea - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
  10. Agree. At some point I would like to summon @Rubi Bayer.8493 or anybody from Arenanet to clarify. Cos the map joining spam is getting stale. But at the moment, soft cap hard cap theory works in most cases for Meta event taxis. The idea perpetuated (whether real or fictional) helps to fill the map to absolute max.
  11. Yes, the New Player Experience is horrendous. If any of my friend started playing, I'd suggest to buy PoF immediately, start with Lv.80 Boost trial to find his/her favorite class. Then move on to first chapter of PoF to unlock Raptor. GW2 already so cheap as it is, there is no reason to not unlock PoF. Core Tyria experience afterwards is still relevant for Mastery unlocks. IMO, Silverwastes Lv.80 Trial should be available to all accounts since the start even without the boost. It really shows what GW2 is all about, meta events and fluid combat.
  12. LOL! On one hand, it is obvious what views Arenanet have and how it affects the game and story. On the other hand, personally, it doesn't matter to me, whether there are gender imbalance in the story. I hate for the story to be injected with political views, but whether it is male or female dominated or balanced has no impact overall. Well, as long as the story is well written.
  13. Once Quick/Alac becomes baseline, the slot will just be replaced with another DPS boon. For example, Banner/Spirit gonna be so in-demand and prevalent, because that's just how it works. People gonna find the most efficient way to do things. Tiny history lesson, Quickness was limited to Mesmer/Chrono, and having them became a baseline for any end game content. Currently, Quick/Alac is good as it spread to different class and spec. And for some, there is a trade-off in traits and skill choice.
  14. If I wasn't clear, what I meant is that Blizz have so many different option implementing new system and they went with the route in which old skins are incompatible with new system. Really no creativity at all. And it's been reported that old skins are only available as land mount in the new areas.
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