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  1. I dunno, combination of gunplay and sword play, and calling something a "dragon trigger" definitely seems to pull a page out of Devil May Cry (not that that's a bad thing), also reminds me of Nero's playstyle where you rev up your sword [revving intensifies]
  2. The darkness of night falls around my soul And the warrior within loses control Gotta let it out, gotta let it out Gotta let it out, gotta let it out This dragon inside has ahold of me Clenching its power, trying to break free Gotta let it out, gotta let it out Gotta let it out, gotta let it out Move fast baby, don't be slow Step aside, reload, time to go I can't seem to control All this rage that's inside me Pullin shots, aimin dots, yeah, I don't miss Branded by fire, born in the abyss Red hot temper, I just can't resist All this vengeance inside me All of these thoughts
  3. It might be that, I just tend to have horrible timing and landing in dead overflows I guess.
  4. Except not getting map completion rewards, not completing meta achievements, and there are items for sale in the karma shops that are inaccessible. the last part is the worst because it makes you do the hearts on a daily basis when you need to buy something from them.
  5. Because the return meta achievements require them and I just want to reinforce any decision they've made to move away from them. rather than have them testing the waters for more hearts to jam them back in EoD any attempt to push them back into the maps deserves pushback.
  6. Events and Exploration like was the dev's original intent.
  7. Seen people saying how much they actually missed doing Istan meta last night, a few complaints about the race being buggy (the gates weren't working sometimes so you'd have to go back and forth through them) and bounty callouts that was the basic sentiment in chat.
  8. really, middle ground is "just don't play the game, we got our way, deal with it?" that's not middle ground at all.
  9. Great, thanks a lot "buddy" and I hope you can read into those air quotes for what I'm really saying. and let's be clear "people" like you wanted this feature specifically to COERCE other players to come back to zones to do something they didn't want to do. Your motivation was awful to begin with.
  10. I didn't call hearts static quests I said the game was not about static quests I always refer to hearts themselves as chores, rather than quests. quest should suggest something of an adventure (not to be confused with what the game calls 'adventures" which are minigames rather than adventures), just previous MMO's have ruined that by making a lot of them chores instead. but no hearts are not quests. there's nothing adventurous about any of them.
  11. Adventures are not my favorite thing to do on maps, but I don't have to do them for map completion, and until this last return to event, I hadn't had to do them for meta achievement completion either. if you make the "return to" metas not require doing the hearts again, that'd at least be something. I actually kind of had fun doing the rest of the achievements for istan just not the hearts. I mean I guess the harvesting? But I need to harvest for mats every once in awhile anyway, and getting ALL the mats needed for those achievements ends up being less tedious than complet
  12. Hearts don't keep players in maps, meta events and world bosses do. people never go to maps just to do hearts. you don't see tons of people flocking to snowden drifts, snowden drifts does have hearts, but it has no meta events or bosses, so it's dead. Hearts are completely solo content, so it doesn't even matter if other people are on the map and in fact, the less people that are in the area, the easier time you'll have completing your chores since unlike the entire rest of the game, heart objectives are not shared between players. This is a dumb myth that hearts
  13. Right now each "return to" meta achievement is requiring doing the repeatable hearts. things I did years ago and have no interest in doing again, I'm being compelled to do them even though they're boring and tedious as crap, because otherwise I'll just end up having 1 achievement short. That's the kind of thing I don't want anymore. let people who don't want to do hearts anymore not do them without sacrificing out larger things in the game. or at the very least SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the number of chores you have to do for each one. Lake Doric and this one we
  14. They're required as part of larger things. always if they were not required for map completion, or for unlocking the vendors, or for meta achievements. then sure, I wouldn't do them but you're compelled to do them to complete those larger things so you saying "oh just don't do them if you don't like them" is just as stupid and inane as saying "if you don't like hearts just don't play the game" it's a small part of a greater whole. it's just an annoying part that should no longer be a part of the game since they were not part of the original design and go comp
  15. Repeatable hearts do not lend engagement to the old maps. Meta events/world bosses do. People still do the world boss metas especially around reset time especially like Tequatl and such those bring a lot more people to a map than repeatable hearts. nobody goes "oh I'd better go and do my daily hearts in every zone", at best they are compelled to do them because they are either doing map completion, or because they want to buy something off the vendor and it's locked until you repeat the hearts each day. and some "engagement" because hearts don't encourage playing toget
  16. and I thought the HoT maps were great aside from one problem, when you have to get into Tarir for story quests but the event is going and the map is basically dead because it's several years old now. Maps like Orr and HoT are what got me excited for this game in the first place, zones that you just explore on your own and find events happening and do them spontaneously, or large mapwide meta events that bring everyone playing together. Hearts don't do the thing that GW2 does better than any other game which is that "playing WITH the people around you" feel, where you're not competing over no
  17. Yeah just the personal touch of "go dance for my starving cows" yes that is just what a hero who killed Zhaitan needs to do.. you know.. just go dance for some farmer's cows. or wake up 50 drunk pirates with buckets of water yeah nothing says adventure to me like doing some farm chores and other busywork.
  18. That's the one, and you can't do nearby events to progress it or kill nearby mobs. You can only progress it by doing the stealth minigame.
  19. Hearts were not the intended game, they were an afterthought to cater to WoW players
  20. That's like saying "don't play the game" since they're required for map completion, required for meta achievements etc.
  21. or worse.. the stealth one in blazeridge. that one is always awful
  22. I probably dislike them just as much as you, especially ones like the pirate one in Istan where you can't just kill mobs in the area or do events.. but have to do their dumb chores like finding water buckets to wake up passed out pirates. It's very tedious and progresses slowly.
  23. That's literally the entire design of the game. not hearts or static quests there are a ton of other MMO's focused on that empty headed bland gameplay style.
  24. Events do a far better job at telling a story than chores.
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