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  1. @Fire Attunement.9835 Here is my feedback for the Mechanist. First of all, I do like this spec a lot, but there are a few things that bother me and I deem them "need to be changed". 1. Mech Interface & Tool-Belt Instead of a copy-paste of the rangers pet interface, the mechanist should get access to the "Mech-Belt". It is the "Tool Belt", though instead of getting utilitys solted there, you can choose 1 of 3 skills for F1, F2, F3, and F4. F5 will be summoning your golem. These abilties have to sides, one is the "tool belt", but once you summon your golem they be
  2. Yeah, it probably won't happen. Sadly. Though there is more then enough time. Coding an attack, trait or utility doens't take more then a couple hours. (if Anets coding isn't bonkers, which I don't think it is) The more "time consuming" thing would be to get a GOOD!!! design and class mechanic. But TBH there are SO MANY!!! good ideas in this forum, Anet can literally copy past one of those and Revs would be happy. The only thing Anet can't short cut and needs to actually work on would then be the animations. Downside may be, that we don't see it for th
  3. SO, after a bit of time, I must say.... Vindicator really needs to be scrapped andsomething new needs to be redone (time would be enough for that...) Even more so, if I take a look at Herald or Ren. Neither of these specs relly "changed" the way, rev plays. New weapon, new legend, new buttons, but not really a new class mechanic. Something new with how the energy or legend swap works (overcharge mode but only one legend for example?) Even with Willbender or Cataclyst I can see some ways to create something good with what is there (though tbh the Cataclyst probably should
  4. Tbh, it would be probably easier and faster for Anet to scrap the Vindicator and start new. Same for the Cataclyst, even though I could see one or two ways out. There is still enough time till EOD drops.
  5. I see were you're coming from, and I do agree to an extend. Though I still argue that the dragon stance & dragon slash is (sadly) bad execution, not bad design. Design wise the dragon slash would be "single burst skill that does more damage the more charges you have". This leads to the interessting situation, in which you would be rewarded for not spaming, but timing your burst skill. This again is a direct contrast to the berserker, which rewards spaming the burst skill as often as possible. The main problem IMO is the flow and the way flow converts
  6. The alliance stance as an idea could work, I agree with you. Having opposed skills/people/etc. But nothing in the whole e-spec makes it a thing. IMO mainly because there is a problem with the legens of Saint Viktor and Archemorus, in that they don't have any clear cut impression/identity. This leads to the problem that they don't give any direction on what they are about themself, which leads to rather boring utility skills, compared to some of the more iconic ones in the other legends. Not to mention any direction for the rest of the spec. What is Archemorus ab
  7. I argue that the dragon slash in and on itself is not themain stay if the design. It looks that way, due to 400k crits, but the main stay in my books are ammunition skills and the gun sabre. While I can't say how viable the Bladsworn COULD be in sPvP as I don't play it a lot, I argue that it wouldn't be a big thing design wise to drop the channel there to 1.5 sec and double the damage (not a suggestion, but to make the point) and it might work rather well. I will even argue that we will see a few changes to the dragon stance and maybe even flow, to make both work better, as
  8. even without the dragonslash, the Bladesworn works rather fine IMO. And the test showed, that the slash probably needs just number tweaking => less damage for less channel or something. And probably more flow generation. But it works fine. You might not like the dragon trigger, but I know a lot of ppl that do. The Vindicator on the other hand is more then just numbers. Biggest point for it is, that most ppl dropped the legend just to get the spec working, as well as choosing the "fastest" dodge to trait for, or in other words, the dodge most similar to the norma
  9. Yes and no. While I wanted to highlight the importance of a good "on paper design", usually it works in tandem with "implementation". Especially in game design, where you can rather easily creat a "prototype" with, you can and should include it in the design process: "on paper design" => proto-implementation => tweak of implementation => tweak of "on paper design" => proto-implementation 1.X => ... And as Asum said, you can design things simply around mechancis, BUT you still need something to tie it together => back to "on paper design" of theme and iden
  10. I don't agree with that. Yes, not everyone will like the Bladesworn gameplay, but that is GOOD! My profs always told me "You can't please everyone, so make sure some love your design and some hate it." And they are right. The biggest problem with the bladesworn on a gameplay perspective (IMO), is the over focus on the dragonslash and how it is use in conjunction with the flow mechanic. But those are "numbers". Personaly I'd keep the adrenalin, while spend ammunition form ammunition skills loads "bullets". And when you go dragonslash, those bullets determin your dama
  11. While names are just that, names, and we should be hang upon them, I do agree that sometimes a different name could do wonderss. Just wanna take a short look at the Harbringer, a spec I actually do have some high hopes for, because it is so different form the other necros. Rename is "Apothecary" and then bring the elixers in line with that. Maybe always an AOE effect or at least some throwable, because you "apothecary" your allies? And then rework some of the shroud animations to fall more in line with this "witchdoctor". But if I had to name the worst
  12. I only brought up Balthasar, because everyone knows what he's about and how this provides a clear direction for further development. I agree, that while kind of cool, would have some troubles, due to his identity as a human god. But as you noticed: There are many possible options, while staying within Cantha. And one thing I truly do not understand about the Vindicator is, how it feels so "non-cantha". Nothing about it screams "Cantha". Sure the "legends" are from Cantha, but you could replace them with any other duo and no one would notice.
  13. So.... latley I have been playing core warrior as shout healer. And yes, also in raids. Works rather well, tbh. IMO it is more about older trait lines beeing "wonky" or "not up to par", while e-specs usually bring a lot of value. Just imagine we only had EoD specs, you probably would see a lot of core beeing used. But IMO HoT has quit a lot "straight upgrades" for some classes (Tempest, Berserker), while PoF has some crazy strong e-spec you pretty much always wanna use (Scourge, Firebrand)
  14. You can take this is feedback or a comment regarding the last two beta events and the corresponding 6 e-specs we have seen so far. I work in a very design heavy job and I want to highlight something, which I think is one of the "big problems" for some of the e-specs: Design. Design is very important and I want to showcase this by comparing the Bladesowrn, probably one of the best class-designs in the game, to the Vindicator, the worst one in my opinion, as it doesn't have a design. Now, before you go and shout "but XYZ is bad!", I want to explain what I mean by "design"
  15. I'd love to see the Khan Ur. Or some giant Sea Creature.
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