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  1. If that’s the case then you can provide a source to back that up. Every account has the same chance of being as lucky, or unlucky, as another.
  2. Again, I go back to my original question. What percentage of players would actually create and test out their own builds instead of going online and grabbing one from someone else? I added an extra word (in italics) to the question I had previously asked. You list increased build diversity even though it wouldn’t actually do that. Build diversity would only increase from design changes made by the developers and not from a cheaper way to change stats. You also should take into account that obtaining Legendaries has a considerable cost.
  3. The issue is that it doesn’t have any practical use like the other mounts. It’s something that “ironing out the kinks” won’t resolve because of their design decision for all of the mounts and the direction they went with this one.
  4. I’m not sure how useful it would be in combat anyway as it’d have to make up for the loss of DPS from two players using their class skills. From what I saw, it does considerably less than just one a average player.
  5. Pretty much how I called it. I figured it’d be something players would use for the first few weeks until the novelty of it wore off and then it’d be reduced to something you AFK with or play around with when waiting for a meta to start.
  6. It’s random. People have also attempted the same thing as you and have it fail. Just because you got lucky doing it a certain way does not mean everyone else who did it that way somehow did it wrong.
  7. What percentage of players actually create and test out their own builds instead of going online and grabbing one from someone else? Probably very small. I don’t feel that the “increased build diversity” argument is a very valid one.
  8. I thought their issue was that they couldn’t get a south instance through LFG with others claiming they couldn’t even get a clean south instance?
  9. So I’d say that it is safe to assume that we now have the reverse of last week? Tons of south meta instances but only full north instances?
  10. This should help. This is something that trips up many people.
  11. How are you measuring this “unevenness”? Do you have access to some data which we do not have? Threads like these are just another case of people not understanding randomness.
  12. To get people to do the meta a second time. Honestly, I wouldn’t go out of my way before Tuesday to get the other two. We’re all likely going to have to do the south meta again unless we get lucky and hop into an instance that’s working on the north meta.
  13. Instead of 90% of the rewards being funneled through the gemstore? Unfortunately, for long as this game remains free to play (after buying expansions), I don’t see this changing. They need a source of income to fund further living story episodes with their existing staff.
  14. Skyscale really isn’t necessary except for one champ if someone hasn’t used a beetle to clear the way to use springer on the other side. You can get to all of the other champs at around the same time, or even before, those using primarily the skyscale.
  15. Those who got transcendence already have a unique effect. Those who do not have it, but want it, can then go for it despite having the PvE legendary amulet.
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