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  1. If this is what you want then so be it. If any of you complain later on about it, I'm linking this thread an invalidating your complaints.
  2. Read my post again as I stated what the difference was.
  3. One example is if you have people hopping from meta to meta which many people do or for those arriving slightly later than the main rush of players. Everyone queues up at the same time to join a full map. If there are fifteen people in queue, and only ten slots open up during the meta, those five players will miss out. By the time someone realizes that the queue is too long for them to get in before the meta completes, there's a high chance it's already too late to join the other instances as well. The difference between the two systems is that the previous one would have allowed everyone ten opportunities to join the instance while the queue system only allowed one. There was also more flexibility in the older system as you could still potentially get into the other instances if the first one didn't seem like it would work out. Everyone had the same number of opportunities to join a particular instance under the previous method. Now you're either one of the first bunch of players to queue or you're SOL.
  4. It probably can't unfortunately. I'm just waiting for the "I told you so" moment that will eventually come.
  5. Exactly what flaw in my reasoning has been given? I'd have to have given a reasoning in the first place in order for there to be a flaw.
  6. Firstly, thank you for providing this option for those that have wanted it. For those that did not want it, can you please re-enable the option to join an instance manually as we could before? There are flaws with a queue system that I don't want to be subjected to which make me not want to do metas now. The bolded made me think that both ways would be available but this wasn't the case.
  7. Hence the "Plenty of people have full-time jobs, kids, etc and still are able to do raids." in the last part of my post....
  8. Unless you're creating your own group, how do you know that you're not a fill? The person that created the group may refuse to accept you in later runs and may even discourage other groups they're in that are being formed from accepting you. Word may spread around as well and those not directly associated with anyone you've grouped with before may not want to accept you. You would just build a negative reputation and it will follow you.
  9. Someone employed works 40 hours a week usually. Let's say that they sleep 8 hours a day so that's 56 hours of sleep. This is a total of 96 hours during the week that some is unavailable to play. There's 168 hours in a week so that leaves 72 hours available to do whatever. Surely 18-20 is less than 72, right? Plenty of people have full-time jobs, kids, etc and still are able to do raids. They are able to do the same in other games that are far more demanding of their time.
  10. There are plenty of patient groups out there and you don't need to troll them by using masterwork gear just to figure out who they are. One thing that the OP does not realize is that players who notice this, may very well take note of their name and will not group with them in the future. When my static looked for fills, there were some people that we refused to later group with because it was obvious that they didn't know the fights (we don't ask for KP to be pinged). This whole masterwork gear thing is going to make it harder for legitimate players who are trying to use the LFG and are willing to put in the effort. Their position in the logs isn't as important as to how much DPS that they did compared to the other DPS. Middle of the pack isn't relevant when you have support builds that deal less DPS than DPS focused builds.
  11. Oh no. You have to actively play the game to earn an end game reward. The horror! And in your case, 15 hours a week. Such endless hours!
  12. That's like saying Detroit (in the USA) has such a high crime rate because it doesn't have enough people that don't do crime. As if you're suggesting that the solution is to just increase the population (in both cases) to make the percentages look better rather than address the core issue.
  13. Be prepared for this thread to be locked and your complaint dismissed with a copy pasted post to use the in game reporting system that is essentially a black hole.
  14. I personally would not have ran in masterwork gear for raids unless everyone agreed that it was fine prior to the runs. This otherwise promotes players to go in and get carried. There’s nothing special about one person playing an off meta build using bad gear. Instead, the challenge was put on to everyone else.
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