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  1. And yet the post that I was responding to was about fractals. Except for largos and perhaps sloth (indirectly), there isn’t really a large DPS check. Raids relies more on player skill than on particular builds. This isn’t to say that certain builds are not significantly better than others but they’re not a requirement. There’s more than enough time before enrage to complete the majority of raid bosses with any class or elite specs. As it has been since the game launched, if you are finding groups that do not want you as you don’t meet their requirements, just create your ow
  2. There’s really no irony. All classes and elite specs are perfectly viable. They do not need to be the absolute best (meta) in order to complete the content. If players are finding themselves unable to get groups with certain classes or elite specs then they can create their own group.
  3. Then it’s a player issue if they’re choosing to play certain classes. All classes are perfectly viable.
  4. Or just create your own group and not go with the meta?
  5. Why is it necessary for every city to have their own festival? Does it make sense lore-wise for any of the ones that don’t have them to celebrate one?
  6. While I agree with what you said, my statement about hyperbole wasn’t directed towards skill issues. It was instead directed against claims that enemies are everywhere and there’s relentless aggro.
  7. I’ve never ran into an issue where there are two many enemies. Seems like hyperbole.
  8. But most of that you can get from a completed instance.
  9. They can hold off on buying LS5 as they don’t needed everything unlocked on day 1. By the time they get to it, they should have enough gold to exchange for the remaining gems.
  10. Not all that excited based on what they’ve revealed so far as it feels like something I’d complete over a weekend and never touch again. I’m still trying to be optimistic and hope that my initial impressions so far are wrong.
  11. Take it up with that government then. Really no different than someone from outside of the US having to pay more to buy something in the US due to currency exchange and then pay sales tax.
  12. Yes this is greed plain and simple. Greed coming from those expecting others to pay the taxes for them.
  13. Whether it’s the last expansion or not depends on how well it performs and whether NCSoft still feels the game is worth a continued investment.
  14. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. Regardless, this wasn’t the point of my post.
  15. And yet it’s something people are still able to do in the game. There’s no backtracking for you or the other poster. They don’t need to explicitly state every exact scenario imaginable in order for them all to be against the rules.
  16. Why should they go through all of that effort just to make something work when the LFG system works pretty much just as well?
  17. And yet it’s still something the game lets you do.
  18. People were able to dupe items which the game allowed them. So was that legit? There are those on their necro who can farm endlessly without being at their computer as the game allows their minions to reset their inactivity timer. Is that legit? In WvW players were able to get into some towers and keeps without needing to break the gates or walls because they game allowed them. Was this legit as well? Just because the game allows you to do something this does not mean that it is automatically legit. Exploits and glitches are real things which I’m sure that you’re well aware of a
  19. Ah. So you’re justifying that anything that the game allows you to do is legit? Okay.
  20. They specifically added this into the game years ago so that players who played supportive roles could get event credit. You now want that reversed because of a small percentage of players abusing it?
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