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  1. I'm sorry, I have never really used the forum before and haven't checked if something like this already existed.
  2. What would you think of being able to obtain legendary armor by exploration like for the trinkets aurora and vision. I personally like the hunt for these trinkets more than raids and pvp. Now you can obtain legendary armor from PvP, WvW and PvE (mainly by raids). Legendary trinkets (aurora, vision, Prismatic Champion's Regalia (events are now runnign for this one, I really like this approach btw)) and legendary weapons can be obtained by exploration. And I really like the hunt for them by exploration. So I think it would be cool if they add this for the armor as well.
  3. Because of the legislation in Belgium it is not possible to buy black lion keys via the trading post although I am 30 years old. This also means it is really difficult for me to get the shimmering aurora cape from the black lion chest as I cannot get black lion chests very easily. As you can only get a key per week, this means it would take me 60 weeks to obtain the cape, that is more then a year of only training a charachter to level 10. It would be really helpfull if it was posiible to put black lion statues in the gemstore so they can be bought directly. It is really anoying if you like som
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