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  1. Quarry Overlook hero challenge in Dragon's End can't be reached without High Vault. Harvest Temple Main Entrance is an absolute pain to get to even with High Vault and not doable without. You may be able to cheese it during the meta, when gliding down from the airship, but I haven't tested that yet and it might not work with the basic glider. New Kaineng Insight: Lutgardis Market isn't technically needed for map completion, but another example of something that can't be reached without High Vault as far as I know. There are a few more Mastery Insights that I didn't get with the
  2. Not for EoD-only accounts since you can't reach certain hero challenges without the High Vault ability of the Springer. That means you need the Siege Turtle with the Improved Jump Jets mastery for map completion.
  3. The problem in this case is that I didn't screen grab it, to exactly describe which dialogue option to choose, etc. It's not like you can repeat that process once you have unlocked it. I might edit/update the wiki page once I run through EoD with my next EoD-only account this or next week.
  4. I was actually quite surprised how easy it was to get the mounts on my EoD-only account. It will probably take a bit, but for new players who either have EoD-only or HoT/PoF/EoD, it will be much nicer story-wise and generally easier to unlock the glider and mounts in the future.
  5. The EoD version of the Springer is acquired by basically just talking to a renown heart NPC, before doing that heart (which the Wiki has still wrong). No more prerequisite Raptor masteries, collecting carrots or paying gold required. back on topic: - EoD-only accounts still can't unlock core Tyria mastery insights. - the Old Bell Shrine hero challenge is still not repeatable, unless someone who hasn't done it before starts it
  6. My account that only has the EoD license, can't unlock core/Tyria mastery points via the Mastery Insights in the core Tyria maps. Inside the achievement panel these show up with the padlock icon and when clicking on the panel, the game tries to direct me to the PoF license in the shop. Mastery points from the personal story and from world boss kills get unlocked as expected and can be assigned in the mastery panel.
  7. Are you serious? A permanent bank access contract is 5500g on the TP which translates into roughly 26500 gems (over 330 €/$) at the moment of writing. Buying 5x the shared inventory 5 slot bundle costs 14000 gems without discounts. Since chapter 5 of IBS is free for all accounts for some time now, it's actually 4000 gems flat aka the same amount as included in the Ultimate Edition. As veteran player you actually paid for Living World Seasons separately? You are aware that they were given away free at their respective launches, even if you couldn't use them at the time, bec
  8. Technically speaking you should also delete the "C:\Users\<YourUserName>\AppData\Roaming\Guild Wars 2" folder where the settings, logs and old crash dumps are stored.
  9. I assume the OP got at least the shared inventory slot included with HoT or more depending on his edition. Personally I'd go for PoF & EoD editions separately since you get 2x level 80 boosts and 2x shared inventory slots, instead one of each for 10 €/$.
  10. 4000 gems are actually enough, because you get chapter 5 of IBS for free for some time now.
  11. What resolution are you running? From my personal experience, disabling or reducing postprocessing quality usually helps a lot with DX11. It also reduces the amount of visible artifacts. Character Model Limit/Quality are also settings that can be used to improve your framerate especially in crowded areas. For higher screen resolutions lowering antialiasing might also help without much loss of visual fidelity. E.g., at 3840x2160@120Hz I barely notice any visual difference between high or low SMAA setting. On my other PC running at 1080p I keep it at high since aliasing is more n
  12. HoT is only free for previous owners and new buyers of PoF. You don't get HoT for free as standalone item or with EoD. I upgraded one of my heroic accounts to EoD last year and HoT was definitely not included with that purchase. That depends on the MMO. Take WoW for example: Once you subscribe, you unlock everything including the previous expansions and all legacy versions. However, if you want to play the current expansion, you have to buy that separately. Destiny 2 as full F2P game has a similar system that always requires you to buy the current DLC, but gives free acc
  13. You unlock the rod on all characters once you have done that part of the story for the first time. However you need at least a lure and preferably also bait to fish on your alts. Both of these are sold by the fishing vendors that can be found in the Cantha maps, e.g at the Fishing Hamlet in the 1st map or at the harbor area at the 2nd. Since both items are account-bound you can give them to your alts via your bank or shared character slot(s). Keep in mind that even the lowbie areas in Queensdale require 300 fishing power and the highest I encountered so far was a 700 FP pool in Orr.
  14. Luckily the European Amazon stores still offer gem codes. I hope you guys on the other side of the pond get them again soon. If I remember correctly from the last sales mess in Nov./Dec., the official Dutch and Swiss online retailers also offer codes for people in the US.
  15. You can't get any masteries as far as I know unless you also buy HoT/PoF. It's only the basic version of each. To be completely honest Anet should have just bundled all expansions together as baseline. Similar to what Blizzard did with WoW's battle chest back in the day when their expansions started to pile up. Personally I'd like to get a few more alt-accounts, but EoD only seems to be a bit disappointing. Even with the additional gold making potential, it's somewhat pointless as long as I miss out on the old expansions.
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