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  1. A lot of our sustained heals come from our huge regen ticks and staff auto attacks so I don't see staff needing better scaling, you do so much healing with staff already. Regarding Ventari you have huge burst healing with Ventari especially if you use the Empowered mechanic well. Empowered Natural Harmony + Serene Rejuvenation and your Natural Harmony hits well over 10k healing. Soulcleave Summit I have no comment on but there is a reason why Heal Alac Renegade is no longer a thing. Battle Scars has never been a Heal Revenant thing so I am not sure why you mention it.
  2. First of all condi's has a ramp up time. You must stack condi's on your target to fully utilize your condi dps. This is why power dps is preferred on bosses with multiple phases as phasing the bosses resets condi stacks. However, on 1 phase bosses, Condi's will outperform Power in most cases. That being said its not surprising that Celestial outperforms Ritualist on low health targets because 1 you are not able to stack up your condis before the target dies and 2 as mentioned earlier short bow scales very well with power and condi stats. If you want to get a more fair and clearer picture of how Celestial stacks up to Ritualist you should try your rotation on the Combat Dummy in the raid lobby.
  3. For a pure dps/healer build i would like someone mentioned earlier just slap on Zealot gear (Pow, Prec and Heal) and go with the Vindi elite. That way when you need to do burst healing swap to Kurzick Alliance stance or to Ventari stance. When you go back to dpsing you just go back to Luxon Alliance stance. Use a GS and Staff and swap between these 2 depending if you go full on healing or dpsing. Its a small damage loss if you camp GS for dps vs if you went Sw/Sw as your second weapon set anyways.
  4. Yeah I'm very sad for that too. I really hoped that the patch would have kept Alac Heal Vindi viable as I really enjoyed it but alas. Well it seems like Heal Vindi will be excellent at removing condis so it could fill a niche in that regard. I may instead look at doing Quick Heal Herald or Alac Heal Renegade since i have the gear. 😛
  5. In my experience most pugs don't really care for specific comps as long as you got a healer, alac and someone doing quick it doesn't matter if its a HB, HAM or an Alac Heal Vindi doing it. As long as you have your roles covered! I did T4 dailies all the time as Heal Alac Vindi, sure for CM's they might look for specific comps but for T4's dailies no one really cares. So if you can upkeep Alac 100% then its still viable. 😛
  6. I'm assuming that only applies to Quickness and not the passive retained from our Facets?
  7. Huh, now that I think about it. From Salvation trait line you get a heal on dodge, condi cleanses on dodge, more endurance and protection on cleanses. Vindi trait line gives you more Vigor or Endurance on dodge (depending which major traits picked), a larger heal and barrier on dodge. You will definitely be able to spam your dodge with all the condi's thrown around in WvW plus sigil of energy. You got great cleanses with Viktor, Ventari and Staff 4. Then you have all the utility from Ventari Legend. Funnily enough tablet can be used while you are in the air for those 3-4 seconds. This does sounds like a lot of fun. 😄
  8. Roiling Mist even though on the tooltip says Critical Chance effectiveness increased by 100% while under fury. Never was a 100% Crit Chance buff. It is a 100% Critical Chance increased effectiveness on fury while you have fury. So it always was a 40% increased Crit Chance on fury instead of 20% by default. Hence you always needed to get 60% Crit Chance on gear to get yourself a 100% Crit Chance. Like phokus.8934 said its just a rewording to make it clearer what the grand trait does. https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Roiling_Mists
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