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  1. When there is a 250 pt lead I think afk is okay. Before that no, afk is grieving and should be ban.
  2. Trading CDs is fun but not really balanced. Invoke the spirits buffed to a 60s CD in WoW is more powercreep than anything in GW2 has.
  3. I'd play WoW arena if it had soloQ. Not fun waiting over an hour for an RBG or arena you may not win in. It's one thing to have PTSD from soloQ they tried in the past but they just removed it and were like "okay, that's good," and now WoW arena is dead.
  4. You auto lose vs 5 man team as soloQ. So soloQ didnt exist for people wanting plat. Spending hours teambuilding did. Arguably duoQ is way too strong. I think my soloQ winrate is like 51%, 40% winrate solo against duoQ, and duoq maybe 65%. It doesn't help you can duoQ with a silver for placements and get 10 wins. There are AT now for 5 man so nobody cares.
  5. As eod goes on, i'd likem to nerf base stats/cooldowns of golem and buff its active skill strength.
  6. >A Vind. I main trapper druid and everybody is spamming power rev which I hard counter. I get that it's busted in tourny but it's overrated in soloQ, although it's still nutty. Mechanist. Right now it has crazy base stats. I think as people learn how to minmax mech it will become a stat check kitten side noder. >B Willbender. Mobility is cool, confirming kills is good. It's going to be B tier at EOD launch because your team died while you were in your kiting rotation to 20k burst. Specter. Nerfs to deception hurt the class more than spec str
  7. Lol people think War was played for warhammer + GS? That was just stalling until rampage was off cooldown.
  8. I'm surprised people struggle with thief. You can't kill them but you automatically win point and cant be killed so it doesn't matter. I'd say trapper guard and trapper druid are much more annoying because they have their entire class kit on top of invis disjoints which certain classes cant deal with. Soulbeast is trash, you can literally see when sic em is active and just iframe spam its not even hard. The buff is active on their HUD when they use it. Trapper druid is much worse. I think people are playing core guard healer as a bunker when it's not a bunker, its jus
  9. I rarely actually lose duels to the player that fed on my team because I pick something I know can just farm them so I can win easilly.
  10. The mobility seemed like a meme to me. DH already runs double blink and maybe rune of the trapper just with their heal and ring of blades - their F2 also is a long range jump. I felt less mobile.
  11. yeah the core is really weak but they can do some tweaks. I'd like to have them buff the willbender skilltree before buffing the class. I think the idea of sacrifices is interesting. After buffing the skilltree then visit the class and fix whats left.
  12. Duo is already free top 250. If you can get a 5 man together play ATs. Devs like blizzard have this insane delusion that balancing a game around 5 stacks means people are going to go out of their way to play in a five stack instead of soloQing, so at the end of the day all it does it kill the game for soloQ (90% of the playerbase)
  13. Virtuouso at least brings power mes back onto the table. They just run power block and then build tanky and try to burst.
  14. lolol. To be fair only mes is okay. Harbinger can be tunneled bad, guard is way worse than dh
  15. Berzerker reaper with spite and lich form when you are duo-Q with a really good support DH or something who will res you and keep you alive. IMO blood is a little overrated in such a bursty meta.
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