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  1. I’ve not done many crafting mistakes but I did fall in the dowel trap. So now I have two stacks of elder wood dowels greeting me every time I go to my bank. Reminding me to pay attention when I craft.
  2. Personally I find the light armors better then medium and heavy armors. Hello buttcapes. Gw2 has so many skins to choose from. Be it gem store sets, crafting sets, dungeon sets, race sets, loot sets or collection sets. It’s something for everyone’s taste. try the wardrobe to see pieces you don’t have yet and wiki how to get them.
  3. For some reason I like the third dragon better in that picture. It’s adorable. Doesn’t fit gw2 though. On topic we do not know the story yet. Why shout gloom and doom over the game without even knowing the story we’re getting. if you don’t like the content when it’s out isn’t it better to complain about it in the forums then? It’s not like they will change it at this point.
  4. I disagree. One of the strengths gw2 has is that it is different from other games. I would rather they use resources on gw2 and keep adding content. And the pvp part sounds awful but that might be cause pvp is not my cup of tea and I like that it’s separated from pve content.
  5. The dolyaks so my pve pleb butt can get some pips for gift of battle 👀
  6. The endgame is what you want it to be. You get rewards for everything you choose to do and can buy things in gemstore that way if you do not wish to support the game by buying gems. what you feel is an ugly truth is a positive thing. I like that gw2 has a different path then so many other games. You don’t have to grind the same thing over and over since you can just do what you want. Some ways are faster then others sure but at least you have a choice here.
  7. I enjoyed the collection so I don’t agree. If you find it that tedious you can use tacO. It’ll take you way less time that way
  8. I did read it. It doesn’t change what I said. And I still didn’t see anything wrong with the way the game is going. You don’t have to like it but the game is a fantasy game. It goes the direction anet wants it. As I said before, if you don’t like it maybe it’s time to move on. There is no need to run in circles since all of this is just opinions. Your opinion is not more valuable then the ones liking the game for what it is and where it’s going. It goes both ways and in the end it’s upto anet what they do with the game.
  9. It might not feel natural for you but that doesn’t mean it’s not natural. That’s the beauty of fantasy games. It doesn’t have to make perfect sense. Anet wants gw2 to go that direction and some ppl will hate it, some ppl will love it and some will be neutral about it. gw2 is 250 years after gw1. Look at the changes 250 years ago compared to today. The difference is huge. And the technology that evolved only the past 50 years. Imagine how it will be in another 50 years. Maybe gw2 had a similar spike in technology.
  10. Wow classic might have had a good start indeed. Many ppl went for the nostalgic feeling it gave. However if you check the 2021 November player count it’s clear it lost the player base and basically flopped. Ppl realized it’s not the same anymore. The changes to the game made the classic game feel slow and boring. changes might feel bad and scary for many ppl but change can be good if you embrace it. Gw2 should not be gw1. The world changed as it should do.
  11. Ppl have different taste and opinions which is fine. Anet will never be able to cater to all. If you feel the game is taking a wrong turn, maybe it’s time to move on. I see nothing wrong with the concept art. There are many concept art that looks different then ingame so it’s best to wait with the doom and gloom till you actually see it.
  12. I’m glad this game is different when it comes to rewards. There are enough games that makes it feel like a chore to get a shiny. A Mount you can only achieve once a year is insane. You talk like that’s a good thing when it’s not. A title is enough. When I worked on Aurora and vision I felt rewarded with a prestige item. Same with skyscale. It gives you a reward without killing the fun. If you want a game with more prestige items you should play those kind of games. And gem store items are not prestige. They are fashion
  13. Necro minions with Rudolph nose and Santa hat skins. Or minion skins in general. Preferably something cute and fluffy
  14. Am i missing something? I have not seen any lfg that sells fractals. It’s not difficult to join a group that you find fits your playstyle either. That’s better then ending up in a random group where ppl might have different expectations and it just becomes a toxic mess. And I usually found a party in less then 5 min. Never an hour I found this lfg system intimidating at first cause I came from games with those random pug party finders. But when I got used to it I like this system better
  15. I don’t know much about coding or Makro but for the bot to locate those chests all across the map when they are in set random places and needs a shovel to be dug up seems a bit unreal to be able to do. How do you know it’s not just a laggy player that loves to do silverwaste? You can’t do anything else then report them and move on. Assuming everyone is a bot and claiming you know they are is wrong. That some of them goes away and get banned is a sign anet takes action against them and it means the rest of the ones you assume to be bots is not. I see it a lot in farming spots like ist
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