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  1. Personally i dont think they nerfed anything in there. I'm playing a lot of DE META because i like it, and real pug groups still fail with 20-30% on Soo-Won. On the other hand the organised ones are (which i played) 100% a success, and i think thats because people get to know how to do it. (For example after the wisps phase, that you stay in the middle to kill the adds and not running to the dragon because you have to jump anyway..) What i still find ridicilous is, if commanders are want to see 100LI/250 LI for it. They also build their group in Arborstein, so that they can ki
  2. Saw a group yesterday with this info in lfg: "you dont have to do the meta, just buy the egg at vendor blabla. After buying egg please leave the group" 😄 Made the Meta two times yesterday, and imho they changed nothing. Surprisingly we made it both times, but both with just some spare seconds rest time. And the Patch yesterday fuxored my DX11 again. In the first run i had barely 5fps at the middle of the meta on the platform, wasnt able to do a thing. Before the Patch everything with DX11 was fine. After switching back to DX9 the second run was smooth.
  3. What does The overall meta-event timer will now pause during longer exchanges of dialogue between characters toward the end of the Dragon's End meta-event. exactly mean ? I cannot remember very long dialogue in this meta ?
  4. I would be interessted in numbers from anet: How much played was the Meta in Dragons End, and how many of them were successful. 😄
  5. Sorry to hop in the boat, but this Meta SUX! I tried it approx the whole day today, with mostly a full squad (everytime random/new pepps in the group). We finished best 12%, worst was 40%. When Soo-Won does his "change side on platform" skill..really...change that down a lot. Also i would suggest to give the encounter just 5 minutes more. This should be enough for most random pugs. Also what kills GW2 for me, if i further read things like "blabla, minimun 100LI" in groupd search......this is a freaking map event in PVE. Anet has to nerf this in some way. Your wa
  6. Well, thats my opinion about the music so far. 😜 And fishing: Do you really believe fishing with this simple mechanic will hold players in the game ? I do not have to be a magician to say that in a couple of months no one will speak about the legendary fishing adventures in Guild Wars 2. At least its just my opinon. 😄
  7. I have mixed feelings right now. The graphics are really cool, but some of the mechanics are useless (Raptor Taxis, or some of the travel options, why should i use them if i have skyscale). Yes, i get it. not everyone has the skyscale or PoF, but if you have them it feels useless. Fishing is gimmick...defininately not what the poeple will love in 6 months. And, old people have problems with it because it forces you to have reactions and a bit of skill. For me its simple and easy, but for older people 60+ it can be very hard. And for the first time i'm REALLY dissappoin
  8. Maybe Arenat should communicate a bit exactlier that the Alliance betas are not that what we will see when they are 100% working. Because many, many players hate the betas like they are now. Most people dont know that anet is just testing the basic mechanic. On our server the wvw chat is very toxic, and many players dont like what they are seeing now. For me the betas were both also a bad experience, its the second time that i was thrown on a false server because my alliance was deselected from the game, both time i was on the wrong server. last time arenat fixed it within 24
  9. Last beta i posted this information and an couple of hours i was on the correct server after relog. What about now ? Or do you guys have weekend ? (Not my fault to do such thing on fridays)
  10. What team were you placed on? Phoenix Dawn What team did you expect to be placed on? Stonefall Did you change/toggle your selected WvW guild after Thursday night, even briefly? No, choosed it on wednesday and my Alliance guild was definitely selected. Have you shard/world transferred recently? No What is your default world when World Restructuring is disabled? Riverside
  11. Arenat this is utter garbage....end the kitten. I have choosed my alliance guild on tuesday. today i was looking at it and noone was choosed. Now i'm on Titane's staircase with just 8 people, red seems the same. I should be on stonefall
  12. Ok, i lold. I play Sic'em Soulbeast since half year now and its NOT broken. I could tell you hundreds of examples in WvW where i thought "Man, this class needs a nerf". For example the holosmith Diamond dude who easily killed 3-4 people at one time of ours and not has gotten any big damage from us. And that was not him just a lucky fight, he did that very often. He just understands and played his class with Keyboard. Also there are several classes who litteraly oneshot me, also i'm thinking "man, how can that be". What i've learned from wvw is, there are a lot classe
  13. • My assigned Team in wvw panel is Titans Staircase which is correct• Riverside• Rising River (Side), it was automatically selected after you put in the interface for changing it again. I do NOT deselect it, and select it again before the deadline• Instead of Fortunes Vale(which seems to be the correct Team for my alliance) , i'm in Team Skritsburg (as far as i remember this is the same Team from last beta?) Relog or changing map doesn't fix the issue
  14. I could open a thread for riverside for this, too. On Riverside its pretty absurd the last 2 months. Riverside is always last at the end. Playing on riverside sux since weeks. 2 days ago the map was completely blue from aurora, they were deffing our keep to T3, also most of our towers were blue T3. On Green (Gandara) it was similar, but not that bad. But at least drakkar in terms of ranking is still better than riverside. Also on riverside its pretty toxic between hardcore wvw players and "random" players. Better lets not talk about the hate for rangers ^^ I'm
  15. But seems that there aren't that much enthusiasts then.....
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