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  1. Weaver is my favorite way to play Ele, so I'm not gonna consider "that feels like Weaver" to be a severe negative. But the current 5s duration is either borderline worthless...or requires playing a really fast piano for only the weak combo instead of playing a more sedate bit of piano music that culminates in that combo in the end, but not as the only thing you were doing. I think Catalyst needs to figure out what it wants to be, and ideally that's all around combos and combo fields. Setting things up and then a finisher fits the name so well. Orbs building and unleas
  2. I'm pretty limited in total possible play time, so I've fiddled around with the two that interest me but not done much using of them in game modes I don't tend to do. Between work and family, not a lot of time to get good enough at PvP to be worth the time investment in a mode that is strictly competitive. Testing them there wouldn't tell me much...my poor performance in that mode would make even the most OP spec seem marginal! But yes, as a matter of pacing it seems like they may have balanced Bladesworn around an expectation of full or nearly full Alacrity uptime...while giving
  3. I was trying to figure out why a friend who does a lot of PvP and I, who mostly does OW and story PvE, had such different impressions of the Bladesworn. We both love the concept. They enjoyed it...I found myself hanging out waiting around for cooldowns and super bored. Turns out the game mode differences are the cause. Gunsaber (GS) 2 is 25s cooldown in PvE, it's only 10s in PvP! GS3 is 35s pve...15 pvp! GS4/5 are 40s vs 20s. The class is more than twice as dynamic, from an APM perspective, in PvP/WvW than it is in PvE. Change the coeff
  4. This. The "Catalyst" should be about building reactions. That's literally it's name...something which makes reactions easier. If using Hammer abilities and combos extended the Hammer 3 ability duration and the Jade Sphere duration (either by generating energy or just extending duration if the energy mechanic is removed), that would be huge for the synergistic interaction of this class.
  5. I guess they need some way to make us want to drop out of Gunsaber mode...but Pistol 5 is a shotgun that's pretty underwhelming with just one in the chamber. The intent being to spam that (manually) while we smack it with our axe/sword to try and get our cooldowns down, cooldowns that we cannot see because we are no longer in gunsaber mode...eh. I'd actually like some good synergy for dropping in and out of gunsaber mode, but then tweak it to a cooldown based on each round of ammo spent. Dropping down to use Pistol 5 would be an instant 6s reduction, then Pistol 4 gets us back up to 4 r
  6. Let's look at Tactics vs Lush Forest. Tactics grants Soldier's Focus every 10s. Taking the trait Martial Cadence, consuming that buff reduces cooldowns by 3s. Lush Forest reduces cooldowns by 1s whenever you use the last round of ammo on an ability. So every 10s, I can shave 3s off all my abilities traiting in Tactics. Taking Lush Forest...I can shave off 1s every 22-37 seconds. It's just so very weak in comparison, within a spec that's core mechanic has insanely long CDs.
  7. Let's talk Lush Forest and cooldowns. Recharge on Gunsaber is 25s, 35s, 40s, and 40s. Compare to Rifle at: 12s, 12s, 20s Just super slow to recharge. Lush Forest can seem to help this...but it only removes 1s of cooldown. That's 2.5% of one charge for Gunsaber 4 and 5. It clearly looks intended to encourage use of other abilities in rotation (no benefit to do 2x2, then 3/4/5...better to have used all your abilities at least once before using the last charge of one of them) But at most we are talking about reducing GSa2 to...22s and GSa4/5
  8. Love the spec thematically, and as someone playing a lot of Holosmith lately I was excited for this Warrior spec. In practice...I tested it out in some open world PvE (which is what I mostly do) and...oof. It was rough. The gunsaber skills felt slow, but didn't carry the impactfulness I'd expect of slow attacks. Gunsaber 2 does this big arc with a chain of explosions to follow...and barely took a dent out of the scarabs I was fighting. The cooldowns. Balthazar help me, the cooldowns! Clearing out mobs (which was slow and took most of my abilities) left me
  9. So I loved the look of this during the preview. My friends and I were quite excited for this one in particular. I don't tend to like hammers (they, rightly, always feel slow and clunky since they should "feel" heavy and deliver a correspondingly "heavy" blow)...but the spec as a whole was appealing despite my aesthetic preferences. Hammer 3 in particular looked fun during the preview. In practice, however, I found it very unrewarding. The 5s cooldown is basically not enough time to do anything else except attunement swap and hit 3 again. That's a ton of build up for a final shot
  10. So many of the baseline Guardian traits have effects that interact with the passive effects of the virtues...which Willbender virtues do not have. So it's very unclear if those traits have any utility at all for Willbender. Removing them really slashes the number of viable trait builds, especially once you remove traits that boost weapons or utility types (e.g. shout, mantra, physical) that aren't used. Needs in-game clarity on if they interact with Willbender virtues.
  11. Go with the heavy armor. Legendary gear has comparable stats to Ascended, which your Engineer surely has. So stat-wise, it's not really an upgrade. Legendary is primarily useful for two things: showing off, and flexibility of being able to equip on multiple characters. The Heavy armor variant lets you use it on the two alt classes you are most interested in, plus Warrior if you want to try that down the road. As you say, no other Medium classes you are interested in, so a bit of a waste to go that way.
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