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  1. Agreed. It’s getting there. I appreciate the updates, some very important improvements to animations and traits, but it still feels like a work in progress. Virtues are getting there. Willbender Flames is still the biggest pain point for me. It’s okay for stand still PVE gameplay, but useless everywhere else. The flames for at least justice need to pulse from the player, but I would prefer that for all of the virtues to make them more consistently useful for the mobile playstyle. More of a wish list, but I’d love to have condi cleanse on roiling light, just to have one optio
  2. Small scale WvW is already mostly dead anyway, along with playing the game mode how it was originally intended. I hope Alliances breathes new life into the mode, but honestly it seems to be more about appeasing the larger guilds than about encouraging smaller groups or new players to jump in and give it a go. Or, maybe Alliances will actually help create servers comprised of roamers and specialized havoc groups, and move those annoying never-ending blob vs blob bag farm battles elsewhere, that's my hope.
  3. Also not sure if there will be other skills added to the bar that were not shown in livestream, maybe a more direct attack. Either way, I guess we’ll see in the beta if turtle zergs are a thing/annoying.
  4. Willbender still looks super slow in the clip they chose to show, lol. Not to be negative, I do appreciate the changes. Just saying…
  5. I really hope there will be two versions, to have one without an aura. The rainbow aura will not fit with any of my characters aesthetics and I’m probably not the only one. Nothing against rainbows, of course. 🙂 Scratch that, I just read the new thread on finally being able to turn off legendary trinket auras. So yay for that.
  6. I see. That makes sense, if the cannons are only to destroy objects, like walls, and not be used for general dps.
  7. So the siege turtle looks cool and fun, but I’m a little concerned/confused by what function it will serve. I don’t think joining large open word events or meta events is going to be very fun with large masses of turtles blocking everything. This is why mounts having one dismount attack works well, and was probably designed this way for a reason, because it prevents this problem, but what now? I can see people doing this just out of annoyance factor, or maybe on purpose based on the intended mechanics, which would be a bad game design choice, imo. I hope that’s not what this becomes…
  8. I haven’t read all of the changes yet, but Guardian is my main and the Willbender changes did not mention changes to my biggest pain points for the spec, so we’ll see. I don’t think they addressed the fundamental problems, which I won’t get into here since there’s plenty of feedback on the Guardian forums already. Looking over the beta e-spec changes for WB some more, it actually reinforces my concerns, because they seemed to just change some numbers, adjust traits and skills, but not really address the main concerns that would have involved more of a rework. Maybe there’s just not
  9. Yeah, agree with OP, sadly. Hopefully there is more to EoD than has been revealed so far and the e-specs will be massively improved upon by release, or very soon after. I can’t help but feel like this expansion has been rushed as a means of making money to work on other core improvements to the game, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but feeling a little duped right now.
  10. Maybe it’s right in front of me and I have just learned to ignore it, but I honestly don’t notice it.
  11. They need to make money somehow. If players didn’t want to buy this stuff it wouldn’t exist in the first place. Anyway, I do sort of agree that some of the overly flashy items are annoying, but that’s nothing new and the show-off your fashion stuff in this game is limited to a few specific areas. I rarely see chair items being used in the open world.
  12. I don’t agree that the game isn’t solo friendly, there’s a lot to do solo compared to most other mmos, but I hope EoD brings more challenging solo-join group content, similar to how FFXIV has a lot of group content that can be joined solo, but you can still enjoy social interactions without dealing with too much elitist behavior. At least that’s been my experience. I think that’s the plan with adding more strike missions (that will hopefully be more active for solo queues), but we’ll see.
  13. Is this a pvp topic? I’m confused. Not sure if this is even a serious post, but I admit I’m perplexed enough to respond. Are you saying that a support class can’t outlast a dps class 1v1 and that’s unbalanced? I think it’s probably more about matchup and player skill. In PVE, I’m not sure how this would be relevant, obviously healing and dps are separate and you build for one or the other. Not sure about cast time differences that you mentioned, but FB has a lot of instant cast and passive defensive skills. Longer cast times tend to be associated with big damage or long CC skills across all cl
  14. I'm not sure if this will be the case, but I'd be fine with that, I love the HoT maps.
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