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  1. You probably have enough Karma just randomly playing to buy a full set of exotic zerk gear from one of the karma merchants in the vanilla 80 maps.
  2. Actually I would like that if the Gyros stays on you all the time as long you have them equipped and if you use them they start glowing and stops when finished. That way we can have tiny helicopters on us forever instead of just appearing for 5 secs. Kind of like in the HoT Scrapper reveal trailer they revealed gyros following the player like Rev’s Shiro Daggers
  3. I don’t miss gyros stuck behind random bumps in terrain and insta gibbed by AoE that’s for sure.
  4. Not sure why the nerf to PvE barrier. NPCs not gonna cry. And there are classes that do a better job tanking than Scrapper
  5. Agreed, but I think they should still add an F4 skill that makes the Mech do emotes.
  6. I’m actually surprised it’s worse in PvE than WvW. How many skills in the game are worse in PvE than in the competitive modes? My guess is not many.
  7. You people posting this now, you remind me of the first couple months people begging for mount skins when PoF first launched. just be patient. Your flashy rainbow sparkles 2000 gem mech skin will be here by June.
  8. They should delete all the water content. It's clear Anet doesn't care about making underwater work years ago.
  9. Maybe play Support Scrapper. It's pretty good. Don't think of Mech too much. Pets finnicky AI makes it essentially and open world pve spec.
  10. If the problem of Race change is cause of personal story choices, then the solution is simple: Give us a Personal Story Choice Change Kit!!!!
  11. Dang I really wish the Mace was a base weapon, but it's already an espec weapon. meh
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