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  1. Right now, the matchups are not very close so there may be 100 people playing WvW Vs a server with 50 Vs a server with 40. One of the main goals of alliances is to make the matchups more fair so when alliances are actually added and people are playing it for real, those matchups will be closer to that 10v10v10 or 100v100v100 so when alliances is a thing the choice won't matter for you since they should all be far more balanced than they currently are. Since alliances isn't in yet and there has been no time to gather accurate data, my best suggestion for you is to whisper anybo
  2. There are no alliances. Alliances haven't been implemented yet. What you see is guilds that would have formed an alliance all joining a single guild instead, then going against random guilds because their opponents didn't do the same.
  3. The alliances feature hasn't been added yet. That means these groups of guilds are just guilds who all joined a single guild to play together. Most guilds have not done this. That means some of the world's that have been generated have these large guilds and other worlds don't as those guilds didn't want to all join a single guild, which likely gives the world's with those big guilds an advantage over other worlds.
  4. You won't be able to choose your world so have no control over the other alliances or guilds you will play with so it's not really bandwagoning. If you had your world moved every few days, that wouldn't really give enough time to see what the guilds are like and you could easily miss a guild entirely if they didn't raid or have much presence for those few days.
  5. Or People will sleep anyway because they have to get up for work/school the following day.
  6. Firebrand and mounts are too important not to get PoF. I've still not started PoF and don't intend to because I hate PvE in this game. I hope the new elite specialisations stay as they are so I don't have to buy EoD
  7. Is it just me that usually has the skirmish tickets before the rest of the mats?
  8. The stability difference was that before if you got hit by cc, either you or a guardian made a mistake unless you got single target corrupted. (Dodge out of wells and emergency stab a null) Change was 16/3/2015 HoT was 23/10/2015
  9. This was not a bad thing at all. The removal of this was the death of proper zerg busting (15-20vs50+) because 15 guard lines and 5 static fields made the zergs able to brainlessly bulldoze. It also made way for the pirateshit which was being toyed around with just before this change. I still look at pre HoT as the best and most skill based meta but for me this current meta is the only one since that has been good enough for me to play again although it feels like a different game now.
  10. And I would like a stat swapping amulet or accessories without doing PvE. Honestly, I would like it if they did make skins ect available for people outside of WvW, as long as they make things outside WvW available in WvW and made the gold income comparable.
  11. And also before HoT you had closed guild raids with no tag but players putting a target market on the leaders head. It's nothing new, it's just more convenient. If anet removed hidden tags it wouldn't solve the problem since hidden tags would revert to target markers and a lot of old school players still leave those targets on the commander out of habit (and for leaps).
  12. From my experience, only on one server, pugmanders are still in guilds so with your system would still go with the guild and not with the roamers (unless their guild also chose no guild to stay with the home server)
  13. Daredevil can still play a high risk high reward melee build in WvW which becomes even more effective in an organised guild group. You just have to play it like a melee class.
  14. I find gliders a bigger problem than mounts when trying to get somebody new into WvW and you need HoT for that. There is nothing they can do if you're gliding into dawn's from spawn. Both are a huge problem when you are getting a friend or sibling to try the game but they can't keep up with the group and get ganked or they jump off a cliff not knowing they are the only one that can't glide. Never mind the fact they will struggle to get a spot in a proper party on core classes.
  15. WvW isn't a place where you get rewards and it never has been. The only real difference when you're not new to WvW is that you don't expect to be given rewards and the veterans have experience reward tracks not existing and no WvW rank so no level up reward chests either.
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