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  1. I know nothing about a PvE setup, all I know is WvW setups. Firebrand and scrapper are essential also some people try to replace scrapper with tempest which I'm against. Scourge is present for corruption spikes, medium AoE damage spikes, and good single target spikes with the ability to also provide some barrier. Rev provides the ranged spike with perma fury and some might while also having stab roads, great dwarf, f2 party wide damage reduction and reasonable melee damage. There is 1 more slot in a party which could have a chronomancer for strips, pulls and cc, spellbreaker for strips an
  2. It's not true that ranger and thief are "objectively bad in these specific types of play". You say for ranger that it's because of mostly projectile-based attacks but this is more along the lines of why they are not accepted. 99% of the people on these classes are not adjusting their builds to be more suitable to a larger scale and these are generally more difficult to understand and play. Most thief's I see are using a shortbow or shadowstep which means they will never match other classes but I know that daredevil can be a crazy strong DPS. If a ranger has a bow then they are also not designe
  3. Basing the matchups on player numbers is worse than on playtime. Just because there are more players it doesn't mean that those players will always be playing so you are more likely to have even numbers although without taking into account which hours people play you can never guarantee even numbers or even remotely close numbers. The hours which people play is extremely important and I don't expect alliances to work well until it's taken into consideration, which they said it would be later on. Take Gandara as an example. The server is full so it clearly has a lot of h
  4. For open tags the commander would use their commander tag, people would join comms like teamspeak, then form parties usually with people they know or people would message in say chat something like "guardian lfg" to then be invited into a party. A benefit of this was that you would have some strong parties where all of the party members have played together before an know what they're doing instead of veterans supports supporting DPS who are not doing much and veteran DPS being supported by new supports due to the parties being created by the commander or Lt based on class. Also back
  5. There is a difference between exotic and ascended but the difference in skill is way way more impact. If you look at the logs as a DPS and actually know how to get info from them (not just damage done), then you can see different groupings of people at different skill levels. The difference between exotic and ascended is not gonna come close to getting you to the next level but once you really know what you're doing it is useful to get a little higher within your group. Tldr - it really doesn't matter if you have exotic or ascended until you are good and know what you are doing, th
  6. There is only 1 FB skill which provides resistance and that is in a tome. Their only other access is from durability runes so that is unlikely to cover against a good immobeast when the scrapper can't keep up with cleansing.
  7. I guess so if you are in a group that just pirate ships but I've not been in one of those for a while and if there are more than 4 ranged spikes per melee push I just leave since I won't have fun regardless of class.
  8. Scourge and Daredevil don't fit in the same role. As Sub said, Scourge is a Secondary Damage/Stripper but a Daredevil (if you don't bring the GvG one) would fill the role of Primary Damage and I don't really have Scourge above me in damage or downs contribution when I'm playing Daredevil. Daredevil is capable of creating more downs and even doing more damage than all of those listed classes in 30+ fights. It takes a top tier Herald or Dragonhunter to match it, Scourge shouldn't really compete, and Weaver can beat all of them enemy stays in their AoEs but if you have a lot of movement
  9. I enjoy playing support Vindicator but it is far from optimal and when facing a good group it becomes less than adequate. I have a few thoughts of changes to help the viability although I don't expect them to bring it to the level of a scrapper. Tree Song Target priority changed to match the target priority of "Shake It Off!" - Tree Song tends to target party members with no conditions on them over squad members with conditions on them. This is impactful in a situation where the firebrand goes tome 2 and cleanses or a party member gets cleansed through overcleansing. The
  10. From the perspective of playing support in WvW. I think the target priority of Tree Song needs to be changed to use the same target priority as shake it off. In theory Tree Song cleanses the same amount of conditions as shake it off but it practice it isn't close as the skill tends to select party members who have no conditions on them and just applies regen to them. This change would increase the overall cleansing and healing within the squad which would allow overhealing and overcleansing from scrapper or FB to take the edge off the vindicator's party while they are in the dod
  11. Direct damage requires power, precision, ferocity to do any damage. Condi damage requires Condi damage and maybe expertise to do damage. This leaves a free stat while still at maximum damage. This means the Condi character will survive long enough for the conditions to be of value. It also means that the Condi character can counter direct damage with no loss from toughness while the power character had to make sacrifices to counter Condi. Neither of these things I said as counters nullify the opponent and I see them as equivalent. TLDR - stats give Condi the advantage, don't have s
  12. In that first point, that 8+ years is an exaggeration. The meta 8 years ago was very different to how it is today and imo better than it is today. Shortly after HoT release it was also very different since that's where I quit and on returning to the game I had to forget what I knew to learn the new meta and ended up switching class. I have a similar experience with the other 2 points though except for quitting due to bad changes and returning because even in its current state, I can't find anything that can compete with it.
  13. And you demand a nerf to cele builds so thief's can become the literally untouchable gods of roaming again? I think that's the way you do things with escalating a statement and with the assertion at the end. I demand a hard nerf do I?
  14. That's not fact. WvW isn't PvP. Every good PvP team requires a thief. Yes I think a nerf to the stealth of a thief is justified.
  15. The thief has solid potential to kill. Idk where the idea that it's impossible to kill while playing it comes from. It's easier to kill a minstril guard, than an average skill thief, but you don't need to pay any attention to that guard cos all it's gonna do is cc you and put you in combat. It has no superspeed, leaps, teleports or damage so its not much of a problem. Also I have played a roaming thief and >90% of my playtime in the past year has been on thief.
  16. The thief locks you in combat and get multiple attempts against you by stealthing and resetting. You have to be paying attention and trying to predict where they will move and when they will attack while they just move out of the red circles if you predict correctly which is a big imbalance of focus and skill requirements. There are cele builds which are stronger and just as easy to play but at least they don't waste your time and when you're gonna kill them they die. It also helps to be able to see what you're fighting to learn what they are doing and to know if they are tryi
  17. Idk if people are claiming that thief is the best class at killing but it it is definitely the best class at not being killed and is easier than anything else I've played at it, including warrior. It isn't guaranteed to kill enemies but you only die from your own mistakes. Imo thief is just broken af. I run a staff/staff zerg build (no SA or shadowstep) and still kill stuff when I get ganked while trying to regroup because of the stupid amounts of mobility, evasion, and damage (if you take a damage weapon it does a lot of damage).
  18. It's not better to buff things to become meta. Constant power creep in all directions just results in less control and too much passively happening e.g. how many of the output boons and conditions are deliberately applied at deliberate times? There are very few, and the spam and power creep of strips and cleanses means you're not choosing to strip or cleanse as a reaction to specific boons or conditions but just using them when there are conditions (and just stacking them together with strips on the spike) meaning the power creep results in less control and increases spam and luck.
  19. I disagree that 1 player should have the kit to be able to annoy multiple players for an extended period of time as that is just toxic and when it comes to a t3 keep, people either have to keep hunting the thief and be annoyed, or lose the keep and also be annoyed.
  20. "Every player would rather abandon a fight than die" That's statement isn't true.
  21. Nerfs to sustain too so damage can stick instead of it being spike them to 0% or they're at 100%.
  22. In the 5th slot, all support should already be fully covered by the rest of the party and if you need to bring support while in that slot then it should be squad wide support like spellbreaker or chrono strips+cc, otherwise that would be where the heavy damage dealers would go. Stability on the guard should be unnecessary as it should be covered by the FB+scrapper+herald and it would also require a DPS loss. 5th slot being a support then only really helps with keeping the mediocre damage from scourge and damage from herald going
  23. An equivalent AoE stunbreak would be needed to compete but even then, tomes offer a lot. Scrapper isn't essential because of being the best healer and Condi cleanse, it's because they are the best at too much. Healing+Condi cleanse+boon spam+superspeed+quickness+stealth+bulwark(+self barrier so you don't die). If there is another class that beats chrono strips then it will result is less control of your boon output and result and less stability increasing reliance on FB. Also it isn't strips that make scourge so important since chrono can beat them in that regard.
  24. How is a third rate build gonna be above staff daredevil? Staff DD is one of the best luxury DPS available and in a group which goes melee only really has berserker to compete with since in melee both outperform DH.
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