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  1. Please replace some of the current mount packs. Most of them have been in the store for a month or longer. Maybe time for Skyscale Ascension Mounts Pack or Awakened Mounts Pack to coincide with players getting Skyscale next week as LW4 episode 6 becomes available?
  2. This is all a mix of hearsay from friends, personal opinions and assumptions. don't take it personally: -difficulty varies between afk to win and getting oneshot in singleplayer story content (and HoT + PoF open world) -nearly every basic mob in the game has 1-2 different cc abilities. if you're new or not used to dodging or using stability it's really, really annoying to play. -skills tied to weapons is kinda limiting. you might like staff aesthetically but your class has no 'viable' builds for it -horizontal progression is something you either like or dislike. a hu
  3. the option to show allied players health bars outside of squad so I can heal in open world meta effectively or assist players in need without constantly hovering over their name first assist target option for all individual players instead of only having the target call out tool option to turn off critter and neutral mob names but keep aggressive mob names visible add seconds to the combat timestamp log option to change text font used ingame for name bars of objects and enemies bigger maximum camera zoom out distance endless gathering tools for all alt chara
  4. Yep came to the forums for this very issue. On my beta fem asura warrior, the shield isn't attached to the arm from the wrist to the elbow, but from the wrist to the *shoulder*. It's not an armor clipping issue, it's actually attached on the wrong anchor points on the model. This being reported by many people over MONTHS and it not being fixed is extremely disappointing. I planned on buying an EoD prep package to make an asura warrior but I'm going to spend that money elsewhere.
  5. I wish there was more visual flair to it. Hammer Fire 1 and 2 just look like dagger 1, the lightning 5 is just another small spark with a circle outline, and just like all other weapons and specs for ele, I just miss the visual feast that a mage should bring to the table. I want my skills to be a WOAH visually, but the earthquakes, volcanoes, whirlwinds and fireballs are visually so boring and underwhelming. Skills are not only meager in the visual department but also lack identity. In 'other mmo's' skills are usually extremely visually identifiable, colorful, and have lots of
  6. I like it so far. The only thing at this moment that I worry about is that, unlike for example Holosmith or Reaper Shroud, where you pop in and out constantly, the gunblade you might spend 90% of your time runninng around with. But since it's no physical inventory weapon you can't change the skin of the weapon. Don't get me wrong it's a pretty cool look, but if I play my warrior over the course of months or even years, or change my appearance to certain themes, I'd like my weapon to match it, or at least have some variety 😛
  7. My framerate on Dx 11 in Gw2 is about a third of what it is in Dx 9. Using Dx 9 I can run the game fully maxed on 1080p and never dip below 60 but in dx 11 I get framedrops as low as 10-15. Note this is on a recent, Dx 12 compatible Nvidia GTX gpu fully up to date on all software and firmware fronts with all Control Panel and Experience options turned off. -Screenshots made in Dx 11 don't save in the screenshots folder and are completely lost
  8. -Greatsword 3 doesn't do the attack animation about half the time even when enemies are completely in range and not obstructed by terrain or objects. -Purely presentationwise, imo, the 2 and 4 skills with Greatsword on a male Charr, especially the 4 counterattack, lack impact and look clunky. On the 4 counterattack my charr just does an awkward, VERY slow shove with the sword, not anything that looks like an attack. The flow of the animation into other skills and animations seems broken too, often not even trying to animate the counterattack but just going into a new skill bef
  9. Oh that's very interesting, thanks. Still kind of a pain lol. I hope it gets streamlined a tiny bit in the future. The idea of the system is great and being able to postpone it at will is fantastic. Just a bit less often would be pretty sweet.
  10. What's up with the 'this map is empty, click this button to transfer to a new ip' message? It seems to pop up at complete random, even in the middle of a HP train where the map is literally FULL it will just pop up. Then sometimes you transfer to a new map using it, then immediately get the same message again, and 5 minutes later *again* Earlier I was doing the malchors leap jp and met some random people doing it too and we were chatting a bit, just outside was a group of about 25 players waiting for the meta and map chat was busy, then the 'server empty' message p
  11. Other games have all that convenience built in. People always use this argument how it's yours forever. There are no games I know of where you have to buy bag slots that run out. And if you're talking about game time which is something completely different; then p2p games with a monthly sub are infinitely cheaper. In fact for all the gold making you've done in this game for basic convenience you could for arguments sake also grind gold in WoW to buy time tokens and play that game entirely 'free' according to your own argumentation. All it takes is time investment just like in GW2. except wow h
  12. Gathering tools for all 13 chars 3 bags slots per char 2 extra equipment templates and 2 extra build templates per char, I'm not even maxing all of those mind you That's about 1250 USD for about 100 kb of data on their servers. What a steal!
  13. I'd like to use different builds but not lose the builds I puzzled together. So instead of conveniently saving a template I have to screenshot or write down what build / skills I have to even mess around with new templates. It's a bit ridiculous. And you shouldn't have to buy equipment slots for completely annoying tool swapping on every relog imho. Actually converting currency it's more like 10 USD per bag slot / equipment template. Even for F2P standards it's insane. I HAVE bought shared slots and infinite tools. And it's still an inconvenient workaround to
  14. eod brings a 2 player ground mount (turtle) and a multiplayer water mount (skiff) so it might be something to have 2 player flying mounts at some point like big brother WoW has had
  15. My biggest problem is how unfriendly the game is to alts. It would cost me over 400 USD to buy endless gathering tools for all my characters, and it costs like 5 USD to unlock ONE equipment slot PER CHARACTER. Then 5 USD for ONE build template PER CHARACTER. 5 USD for ONE bag slot for ONE CHARACTER. And ofcourse you pay 10 USD to even unlock ONE character slot to start leveling it. This game has been far more expensive to me than WoW ever was and on all my alts I'm still annoyed with bag slot limitations or equipment slot limitations unless I keep forking over.
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