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  1. I finally found a class I like after playing for 6 months. I’m just worried it’s gonna get the nerf soon. WvW is what I do mostly and I like it because it’s so good at solo and sustain.
  2. You can just follow a tag..that’s what I do and pew pew the stragglers.
  3. I did try the healing signet but it left a lot to be desired but it wasn’t with cele. Maybe I’ll try cele
  4. I came from ESO and they changed it up every few months. Just when I got comfortable with a play style nope it’s gone. One of the reasons I like this so much better.
  5. Thanks for the help y’all. I love warrior but erm soulbeast seems to do what I want better.
  6. Just don’t Zerg bro. I usually hangout on the tail and swoop on the stragglers. Rangers has so much to offer small scale that the trade off is group support.
  7. So I started with the build on meta battle for roaming spellbreaker. I should be getting healing from generating might right? It ticks for like 85? Basically where do I get the passive healing from? On my soulbeast my health usually stays above 50%. I really enjoy spellbreaker but I seem to be missing something for roaming.
  8. Been wanting to do the story missions and this keeps happening. So there isn’t a fix? Guess I won’t be spending anymore money on gems. A a shame because this game is awesome but this bug makes me want to quit.
  9. Don’t think gw3 is likely. I think they are kinda broke
  10. So after playing all the classes I seem to like warrior the best. There’s people actually out there having fun and can 1vx on this class right? Just going by the forums it sounds like I should do horrible but I’ve been doing aight. Next option would be soulbeast which seems to be a great roamer? It just isn’t as fun to play for me. Does soulbeast out perform spellbreaker by a huge difference? Focus on roaming/1v1/1vx/small scale blah blah.
  11. I’ve been playing for 6 months and still can’t pick a main class. I have all at level 80 now so that’s nice. Spellbreaker is really fun. 5 sec weapon swap and lots of evades to keep things fun. I liked soulbeast too but it got boring.
  12. Are we playing the same game? I do fine on spellbreaker and see tons in WvW and spvp. If they sucked that bad wouldn’t no one be playing them?
  13. Thanks for the help guys. Doing a bit better. I’ve found it to be pretty tanking as long as I’m active with the barriers and healing. Pretty fun but now I just need to be able to kill people. I can switch dagger instead of focus for mobility but seems like focus is very useful.
  14. 3 months into the game. Soulbeast and spell breaker where getting boring. I used all my tomes of knowledge and heroics from WvW to make a weaver. Got me a full set of celestial and sword/dagger and jumped right back into WvW. I seem to be dead most of the time. I also can’t seem to damage anyone. I have been sober so I guess maybe I should try going back on the whiskey. Pleas help.
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