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  1. I tried his build roaming in WvW. I pretty much just struggle against condis while not dealing enough damage.
  2. I completely agree with the game being too fast. I have the feeling the game has been consistently watered down since the release of HoT. I believe this was in purpose, to cater to the more "traditional" MMORPG players. Maybe my memory fails me, but I remember struggling in caduceus manor the first few couple of times when one of the bosses had sort of low health and did that whirly whirl thing after the pull and wiped anyone who wasn't careful enough. I also remember scarlet and "Wooo epic massive scale choochootrain" which made me abandon PvE altogether. Bef
  3. I thought you were proposing this in order to avoid "pigeon-holing the Willbender's F2 sustain into only a few viable playstyles". This would be only a nerf to the willbender, since you'll still be needing to proc for the other virtues to hit. What about phoneix protocol? How would that interact with alacrity?
  4. While I agree the whole "5 hits to proc" is bad, making it a % of damage would greatly hurt non-offensive builds. A better solution would be to change it to proc stronger once per hit with a long internal cooldown. But then you'd water down the ability of your opponent to get out of the flames to prevent proccing.
  5. I use greatsword as my main weapon in WvW because of the high mobility you get. The secret to avoid this issue is to NEVER target your enemy when leaping. It's better to leap past them and then whirl. Most of the times you'll land in range.
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