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  1. This is the change i never knew i needed. However it would need a rebalance of most condi cleanses since some specs could pretty much become immune to damage and non damage condi vs some specs with the amount of cleanse they can put out.
  2. A glass cannon is high damage no defence. Guardian absolutely does not fit the bill of no defence.
  3. This part in particular really does sum you up nicely
  4. kitten there goes my hopping around dragons end maps selling my slots for gold idea then
  5. For me i think the actual soo won fight should be instanced and the actual dragons end meta is the prep work to open up the instance. You open up so many avenues here doing that, public instance which could be an easier version for people who just wanna do the fight, a private lobby version which could be nerf free and that could even have a challenge mode, plus the prep work meta would still have all the buffs that influence your loot in the end for those who want to do it all. I enjoy the meta and would love to add it to my daily rotation but man i don't got 2 hours a day to spend
  6. How much where they offering? EoD Meta's really aren't profitable enough to be paying other people to leave the map
  7. Post mostly aimed at the weapon issue rather than us using the same traitlines for each espec roles since that's kinda deep rooted into the traitlines purpose for each type of build, you do power dmg? Spite, you do condi? Curses, heal focused? Blood, minions? Death magic, then theres soul reaping which fits into pretty much all since its about lifeforce and shroud, theres no real wiggle room for traitline diversity. As weird and conflicting as it sounds to how especs work, id like to see them do away with weapons being locked behind only especs and instead also push them either into core
  8. Problem is honestly not convincing necros about it, it's convincing meta slave commanders who only want scourges
  9. A thread exists, but it's near impossible to open it because it keeps rotating between evades and stealth so every few sec the thread is either hidden or returns a 404 error when you try to click it.
  10. I'm sure when the day comes that anet replaces meta bosses with siege walls that have breakbars this information will be relevant. Until that day comes, you now have 2 people contributing less than they would if they just got off the turtle.
  11. Please don't. Unless you're a player who does nothing but auto attack a boss and refuses to dodge any and all mechanics then you will always be contributing significantly more via dps, boonshare, heals, cleanses and your own cc abilities than you will by sitting on a turtle and doing nothing but pressing slam every 5 seconds.
  12. If using the 10% hp buff for other mounts counts then yes, if not no, i'm more likely to use a repair canister than i am the turtle.
  13. I loved it and want it back, it actually made an mmo story feel like a proper story rather than just a single player mmo quest or event chain that most other games have including modern gw2. It all felt more personal, theres other games that have done it better for sure but it really added to the experience. Needed a bit more work in the multiple npcs in one convo department but overall a great part of the original campaign. I know it's not happening but wish this was on their list of stuff to work on for this new player experience they said they are working on, entire story with it
  14. Tropical paradise themed zones with pirates Underwater combat rework New weapon types Give pls
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