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  1. But then they would have to spend time in developing cosmetics that wouldn't be going straight on the cash shop which they will never do. It's Anet they'll take the cash shop money over anything else.
  2. It doesn't really matter if people want to discuss topics that have already been discussed. Peoples minds change and new players come onto the forums. Also they may have missed the discussion and don't want to comment on a dead thread that no one will respond too. Just don't respond or read another thread if you've seen it before it's not like there's a huge amount of activity in the guild wars 2 discussion thread anywayyyyyyyy. More the merrier.
  3. Only difference is with the sub all gem store skins will be available through in game drops. All the other stuff ingame skins, collections and legendaries are still in the game you still have to do the content to get them same as you do now. It's literally just making the cash shop skins available in game that's it.
  4. I can't imagine how much you would have to spend to unlock all the skins on the cash shops obviously it's in the thousands of dollars. The sub is a better value for money option if you want to be a completist and unlock all the skins. Also some people like to play the game and not just buy all the content with a credit card.
  5. No items would be locked behind the sub. Everything would still available on the store as is now apart from with the sub it drops in the game. I guess another advantage of this that might persuade people to sub is that the skin could be achieved any time aslong as you do the content rather than waiting for the next cycle for it to be available on the store again.
  6. Doesn't the store already prey on fomo though by having sales and items only available on the store for a certain amount of time. It's done to create artificial scarcity so people feel the need to buy it before it disappears. Preying on basic human emotions is already a part of the game.
  7. Nah no content is barred from anyone. Just for the sub fee people the skins drop in the game but for free people they are still on the store as they are now. They can get them the same way they do now(gems or cash). It just means as a sub player you can unlock more of the skins faster but you are tied into a sub to use them.
  8. It's not forcing it on anyone. Game is exactly the same apart from there's an option to sub for people who want it. Those who don't. Dont sub.
  9. You could unlock a lot of skins in 1 month but an easy fix is make it so if you unsub the skins you got aren't useable so its a balance between having access to a lot of skins that are unlockable quickly but paying to stay subbed or doing it the way it is now which is a slower grind of converting gold to gems or real world money(fast way) but you get to use the skins without being subbed.
  10. So I was thinking it would be specific content for specific skins so you would have to go do that content to get the skin.
  11. That's a really hollow unfulfilling way to play the game though. It wouldn't affect you and you can play exactly as you are now so why would it matter to you if someone subs and unlocks content that way.
  12. It's a good deal for the player which is us. after the initial work of implementing the skins as rewards in the game is done then there really isn't much work to do. They can then have a predictable income flow of opt sub players and still have the one off purchases and purchases of people who prefer not to sub and buy things from the gem store like they do now.
  13. I guess that's what the sub fee would pay for. Not the month items I mean make them permanent items for rewards for specific content in the game so 1 specific skin is achieved by doing path 3 of Ascalonian Catacombs etc. The devs can tell the players where each skin reward has been placed and then all the guides and gw2 websites will add it and people will know where to find forever. Basically I'm saying add all the cash shop skins as drops in the game for opt sub fee payers so they can unlock it by playing the game and not buying on the store.
  14. Could be WvW and PvP too. With the optional sub fee they can incorporate skins as rewards into all areas of the game world. There's over 300 mount skins alone on the store there's more than enough skins to put them throughout all areas of the game pvp wvw included.
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