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  1. Planetside 2 the bases are just too open/missing walls and it doesn't feel like there's a front line it's too much of a free for all. They went to call of duty with it. ESO is good. The world is great and the fully voiced dialogue. It would probably be my go to MMO but I just can't get along with the combat.
  2. Plantside 1 was amazing. Planetside 2 not so much. The game is 90 percent microtransactions.
  3. I loved city of heroes surprised they haven't tried to create another superhero mmo with all the superhero films flooding cinema over the past few years. You can still play city of heroes there's still alot of people playing! https://forums.homecomingservers.com/
  4. This is what is pretty much being said and the original poster is right but to be honest OP I wouldn't even bother wasting your time talking about cash shops to GW2 players and just modern MMO players in general. Most of them have grown up never knowing a time when micro transactions weren't a part of gaming. They don't get why it's bad They don't get how it makes the game worse and they never will. It's best to just leave it GW2 players will actively shill for monetization like they own shares in the company haha.
  5. MMO's aren't meant for casual players. They require a considerable amount of time investment. If you want to be casual and pay for convenience go play a game that requires less investment instead of ruining them for the rest of us. If you are willing to pay for convenience you incentivize developers to leave problems in the game that make the game inconvenient so that people pay real money to make the experience better instead of the developers just by default making the game better for people in general like they used too. Its easier to make money now by making a game with lots of annoyi
  6. Imagine buying a game and then paying to not play it. Go play the game and achieve the legendary it's unbelievable how addicted to microtransactions mmo players have become. Go enjoy the game and achieve something in the world. I don't even have a legendary but I know this will devalue the effort of all those that put the time in to get one. What's the point in working towards something that might take you a few weeks to get when someone can just have it in a few seconds with the swipe of a credit card. It will make the game a hollow experience and I'd like the hope the majority of
  7. Don't ask them to add things to the gem store just ask them to add it directly into the game to improve the experience of the player. The gem store should just be cosmetic ideally otherwise we are just paying them to fix problems in the game that they created. It also incentivizes them to make the systems within the game and just the game in general worse because they can sell the player the solution and make more money. Selling cosmetics is ok. Selling things that effect gameplay are not.
  8. Do we really need to be adding Canthan armours and weapons to the cash shop at such an early stage? The game has just launched it's less than a week old. People just paid 30 dollars for the new expac can you maybe add those armours in game and give us a month or so to get some of the new Canthan armours and weapon skins before you start releasing arguably superior looking armour models and weapons on the store that will probably devalue the ingame armours. It just feels like your double dipping.
  9. we like to turn left and go fast and stuff derrrppp
  10. It's tacky and they are in every mmo and like every other mmo they are released in the cash shop so the npc people can que up to hand their money over.
  11. Please remove fairy wings from this game.
  12. You guys are way overthinking it. Let's try this another way. If money wasn't an issue for Anet would you like to have the ability to pay for certain items in the game with real world money or would you prefer that those items are only attainable through doing in game content? Which would you choose?
  13. Basically I'm trying to see whether people genuinely actually like having a cash shop where you can purchase armour, boosts, convenience items etc or do we all just tolerate it because we really like the game and a shop is just a standard feature of MMO's now. With all the variables about generating cash and profit removed we would as consumers still choose to have a cash shop in the game or would we not? I'm phrasing it in this way to avoid people talking about the reasons why it has to be done but whether generally us as consumers would still choose to include it in
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