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  1. We've been over this before. The Human Gods didn't fight the Elder Dragons because of the collateral of THEM fighting, not fighting the Elder Dragons in general. When Gods fight, it causes devastation, as seen by them turning an entire ocean into desert when they fought Abaddon. For whatever reason, the Gods are not able to hold back or regulate their power, or alternatively, if they held back, the dragons would defeat them and get their magic. As has been said many many many many times on this forum before, it was a lose-lose situation specifically for the Gods. It should not be used to draw
  2. I get the anger about everything but the Spirits being able to protect Braham to some degree. What's so strange about that? They're incredibly powerful magical beings, they SHOULD be able to do something to stand up to Elder Dragons, even if it's in a round-about way. The Elder Dragons are not the be-all-end-all magical beings on Tyria, this has long been established. You don't introduce powerful, significant characters like the Spirits of the Wild and then have their contribution mean precisely nil, that's not how stories work. In fact, how the Spirits of the Wild were handled in
  3. Very true, Ryland's conclusion was the best part of the latest update. Very fitting. I think we should cut ArenaNet some slack really, what with pushing this out under the current global climate, there's clearly had to be some cuts made and they themselves might not be happy with the results. But ultimately I think it will serve the story to move on from the Elder Dragons pretty pronto.
  4. Eh. It's so-so, but at this point I recognize it's time to move the story on. The Elder Dragon thing was starting to get tiresome even before Kralkatorrik had his moments. I think it's totally reasonable for the Deep Sea Dragon to have already been defeated by the Canthans at this point, so all the original Elder Dragons are gone, and the reason the world hasn't gone kaput yet is that the Canthans found a solution. I'm sure the most powerful, unchallenged nation in the known world would have been able to defeat a single Elder Dragon given the disorganised mess that is c
  5. No, it's a very sensible interpretation of what we are actually told and using a shred of logic. Unlike the entire theory of an Elder Dragon eating a God, which is a very inane interpretation and doesn't utiltise a shred of logic. Mostly due to the fact if an Elder Dragon had eaten a God then there would be no more GW2 because that Elder Dragon would have won. I'm honestly baffled as to where this line of thought has even come from.
  6. Braham is entirely correct and the Asura are being stupid. Also I really hope they don't get rid of the whole balance thing. Kind of takes away the oomph from killing Balthazar and given how stupid that story already was, making it even MORE pointless is just going to be another gut punch to the God narrative. It needs to be cleared up pretty quickly or people need to at least QUESTION what will happen if they kill Primordus given the knowledge of what will happen to Tyria if too many Elder Dragons die.
  7. I think it's the other option for Primordus and the other Elder Dragon magic - He's had the time to convert the magic he's absorbed into his own kind of magic. The same theory has come up before RE Balthazar and his magic. He also consumed Elder Dragon magic but did not show any visual change to his fire, or indeed used other types of magic other than fire and (probably) arcane - The theory was he had converted the magic he consumed to 'his own' magic.
  8. That is still a 'suggestion' as to what they are doing, and in the absence of any others, it's as good as any we've received, don't be obtuse.
  9. Whilst I also don't think the Gods are going to be involved in this expansion, this is still not accurate. ArenaNet have said we still haven't seen the last of the Gods, and there absolutely is a suggestion as to what they are doing - Looking for a new world.
  10. Or Aurene simply isn't omniscient, can't tell the DSD's power has changed hands, or does not deem it as something she needs to bother Tyria with to say. I still think distance is a massive factor in detecting anything. But yes, the DSD being killed 'shortly', relatively speaking, and not already dead is a solution.
  11. I don't agree. There's only so many iterations of the same story that can be done before it's boring and predictable, and we're even going through the unpredictable options at the moment with already existing Elder Dragons.
  12. Because it wasn't defeated before that sequence was shown to us? I don't think anyone was suggesting that the Canthans could 'easily' defeat the DSD, more that they took a while to do so and likely suffered catastrophically in the process, but ultimately succeeded - "Testament to Mortal Resilience" - Maybe around the time Kralkatorrik was defeated. It doesn't necessarily have to have been around the same time as or before Zhaitan was defeated. I also don't think the All is really fully understood yet and the image we were shown with the 'orbs' does not have to be taken as gospel. And besides,
  13. I do really like the theory that Cantha has already defeated the DSD. It's a nice twist. Plus avoids retreading the same old 'defeat an elder dragon' story steps. If both Kuunavang and Albax have taken portions of the DSD's power, then it could quite well be a set-up for a Yin and Yang story.
  14. You said 'human centric', which isn't going to be just politics.
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