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  1. I quoted another guy but I thought it was time to put my 2 cents in the hopes that anyone would listen. Kind of a last shot type of deal in a game where I have found joy commanding and leading since year 1. I really do not care about credibility but seems some think its necessary to get a point across. Commanded and followed for the infamous SFR win over VZ in year 1Main mag commander after Season 1 when i transferred5 years leading a open field fight guild and gvgs. (not the best but yes we gvgd)Main mag commander for the return of mag beating BG First any anet devs left need to go to each se
  2. Please listen to this guy!!!! Its exactly what needs to be done
  3. Get rid of mounts, gliding is plenty Shut down the bottom tier of both NA and EU Offer free transfers to any server except top 3 Combine EU and NA and do server shifting. NA prime on NA servers EU prime on EU servers Make mists uplevel only. Training wvw grounds perhaps Stop trying to make siege to counter siege. Make scouting actually worth something again oh and get rid of mounts thx :)
  4. if the so called elitists competitive players who have held out since week 1 all left. You would still be here arguing to yourself as the only post in this thread.
  5. Simply put old player base enjoyed fights, new player base enjoys doors or so called fights with 60 man blobs vs 20. Game had a chance maybe 3 years ago anet wasted it on alot of different aspects of this game that we all tried to warn them about. Made some great friends while i was here that we play other games now, so I cant complain completely about anet but yes you killed your own game.
  6. you must have just bought the game and do not know anet very well.
  7. Been here since week 1 off and on through the years. I completely understand the necessity to sell, I own a business myself obviously not as large as EA but that is not the point. GW2 is not the only game that your consumers are complaining about. The first thing I learned when I opened my business was to put myself in the consumer position and then work my product to the best of their views in order to sell. From what I have seen is gw2 has a very narrow view point and continually makes decisions from basically their employees. I mean the head of WVW a few years ago was a huge pve fan. Now I'
  8. alot of hype goin around. Would love to see some old guilds return. GG anet glad you listened.
  9. "So Do not Listen to the person above. Obviously not a real wvw player.But do listen to this guy below. What he is saying actually makes alot of sense in wvw." Boon stripping is constant now as well and resistance is THE FIRST thing to be stripped or converted (by design I might add). Power has hard counters with blocks and blinds that a lot of classes can spam fairly constantly which completely deny power damage for X amount of time or number of attacks attacks and cannot be countered normally (yes a few skills and utilities have unblockables, but they are few and far between). Power attacks
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