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  1. SO sorry for the late reply, work has been murder on me (I mean, it always is but we've started holiday stuff so oof). Thank you so so much, that really means a lot to me. My mind honestly overthinks like this on everything in life, it gets to be a hassle tbh, so exhausting and time-consuming lol I def thought about the Olmakhan but your College of Holistics idea is A M A Z I N G and I'm salty I didn't think of it myself 😂 After talking with my bestie though (before you replied), she helped me with her own logic and I ended up going with charr guardian and a
  2. Oh no no, your answers were very helpful and well built on what I was thinking, you added more detail and nuance to the ideas. I thank you a lot. But, I hope you can see my dilemma..each of the four ideas works, at least in my mind, and can be further developed into a more cohesive character. In the end, I will have both, I'm just stupid and cannot decide for the life of me which if the two races should be which of the two classes..which sadly is leaving me unable to play since I can't make them :c
  3. Thank you for replying <3 I'm totally cool with what the storyline has and the acting, to me it brings more life to everything and makes the PC feel more real, since most other games don't do that. It wouldn't stop a person from still having their own headcanon or mentally adjusting what's happening in the story to match their ideas. I wasn't asking about a main though, I plan to have both characters, I just can't decide on which race should be which class since to me, each combo works :c
  4. Hello hello! I joined this amazing game...I don't know how long ago, but I only got to play for about a month or two before some major things happened in my personal life (I literally haven't touched my computer as a whole since last night, for majority of the year). I was not satisfied with the characters I made at that time and deleted them, but have found myself unable to get back into playing because I am stupidly indecisive. I know I want a guardian (not sure which elite I would go for) and a druid. I know I want a charr (would be Aster Mistbloom, male, Priory
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