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  1. At least you have normal, flexible, heroic etc with more or less playersn you also have different "levels" during your leveling and exploration between expansion. May be you struggle to finish heroic but you can still train on normal or farm tier on another. On GW2 the training mode is a golem and guides on youtube; the level of fun and experience is close to zero; then you have to fake kp and make you discreet while 2 or 3 people do mechanics, the level of involvement is close to zero.
  2. But you and I were talking about the skill ceiling here, not the skill floor. Not the average player is able to skip mechanics, not the average player is able to do great DPS, in situation, like against a golem. Yes, a lot of MMO have more "challenging content" but that is because they offer much easier bases, mechanics to understand, to handle and also levels of difficulties. Even wow vanilla, you had 40 skills and 40 overlay, but you were playing a turned based game with mouse clicking; hard content was about balance between DPS and heal, and time. Guys were afk with ma
  3. I agree on this part. DPS matter. In CM fractals, even in pug, we could totally ignore mechanics. Like do every 33% life of skorvald in <5sec and avoid the teleports or the melee knockback etc. Same for Sunqua and the air thing; Ark and the anomalies ... But GW2 isn't like every MMO; it's not just a slow yo-yo between slow damage and heal on the tank, afk DPS playing a turn-based game and one healer with 10 skills of heal. GW2 is harder and more frenetic than most of the popular MMO; bases are larges, mechanics still matter, and placement and dodge, utilities etc, there are still a of
  4. Then you see group of 8 FB, 2Ren to stack quickness in intensity.
  5. Why do you need to write the opposing opinion as the meme thing to denigrate it ? Plus how can you be sure the queue, a saturday night in june, is due to the "nO dOWnsTAte 🥶" ? What about the others bonus like the WXP ? I HaVeN't SeEn QuEuE lIkE tHaT sInCe YeArS, iT Is bEcAuSe nO dOwNsTaTe.
  6. I'm starting to play with my weaver more and more Dire/Trailblazer ; which I hated in general ... just because of the state of the game : immortals necros everwhere, power nerf to oblivion for weaver. Or even, not play weaver anymore. I tries a FULL fresh air 100% precision (weakness), scholar + arcane ferocity buff + sigil of severance; I don't really master the build but when I see I can't even scratch 40% of Hp of a necro BEFORE it goes in shroud and REGEN full bar, yeah there is an issue. Yes, Weaver has issues, for self sustain, range, chase, etc; but a year ago
  7. There is a threshold for all conditions where expertise will bring same or more damage than condition damage. But you need to take the condition on its full duration, not just the tick. And obviously not exceed 100%. Nightmares brings +10% CD more than Elementalists, wich is +XXX expertise, which is more than the +50 condition damage. Same story for Sigils of bursting and malice; there is a threshold one will grant more points, more damage, than the other. So unless you play celestial or without any condition damage, or you want more impairing condition etc, you better want t
  8. Scourge could be the new healer, after FB. You have good sets with plaguedoctor and so good condition damage and so compensate a little for the loss of damage you have to take with quickness on FB (and a healer); and still a lof of barriers, and okai healing, plus the rez machine. But you lack boons and some utilities obviously, like good stab, good reflect ... FB is still sought-after toolbox.. Issues with others, like tempest; You don't have real hybrid set you have with scourge and FB that offer enough sustain and utilities, but are not complete burden reg
  9. Runes of the tempest have the highest Condition duration with +25% CD and 36 expertise. * But yeah, in order to improve condition damage Rune of tempest isn't the best choice. About runes of Nightmare, or Runes of Elementalist; or even Renegades, Lich etc; tt still relies on the build itself + the encounters. Runes of elementalist give a little higher burst with higher condition damage, plus power damage against low armor encounters; it's a good "hybrid" set for Fractals for example where you have shorts phases and a vast diversity of encounters. If the fight last
  10. Ah yeah the famous advice "Too much damage ? LMAO L2P, just use heal skill, it's easy" And then you see the other guy "Too much sustain ? LMAO just use weapon skills, easy kill" It's a bit quick to resume a class, a build or a set etc to the overall mechanic, regardless the efficiency and how it could centralize the gameplay. Honestly I do care about trailblazer, I find it really annoyin to fight no matter my build but I don't want it deleted. If it amuses kitten trolls or kitten low effort guilds to kill greedy roamers/gankers, whatever ("omg, look at Bob, Trailb
  11. It's not that easy to balance this weapon, it is not a "self dps sustain" weapon, you should play it with an allie or in group and not be able to stun 5 targets every 5sec and do massive damage to benefit the situation. It's more the fact Warrior is overall in lower/second tier and you need to work independently to not bother allies, than the weapon sucks. If we want this weapon to sustain more warrior, and so having burst/dps we should ask for a total rework, with less spammable CC/immobilise. Delete #4, or merg it somewhat with #5. Change F1 for 1sec Daze, and damage p
  12. It would be better *also great if they revert the changes to stone resonance in pvp; barriers cut in half, no more healing power ... scrapper and scourge spam better barriers in traits than weaver in utility skills.
  13. Reaper is trash tier DPS almost everywhere. Plus it's a false assertion. reaper is easy ... in the sense it has might generation, cleave, and good sustain; but rotation isn't that simple. (At least not more than a lot of others DPS classes, contrary to weaver IMO where sustain sucks and you're mathematically alone to die on some attacks, and so make it feel "hard" but rotation is relatively easier) Plus, I don't really undestand your statement about reaper, as it got no change with last patchs. About Scourge. Honestly scourge is overtuned. Yes benchmark isn't that high, b
  14. It does not work really well either. You have a 3 sec ICD, you can't use arcane power, remains arcane skills with long icd,few charges etc. You better want to use arcane skills with fire, it deals more damage, no ICD on arcane surge. Or immob ... but without earth traitlane and better exploit the crit and ferocity bonus. Otherwise yes you can. Dev can do it. It would be bloated but elem deserves it sometimes.
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