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  1. Stop putting more random dps modifiers everywhere in traits or skills as "balance", just buff weapons and utility skills and make specs to focus on different mechanics and roles. The whole gameplay of ele feels like collecting as much modifiers as you can rather than playing the game.
  2. Yeah but it kills the "on demand" effects. You need previous skill with effect you don't really need on purpose for an other effect on a skill with same issue, and so if you have other need or you struggle with CD, with rotation, + icons not really readables, it's a kitten mess. On weaver it's insane, I have bullets stocked because of attunement swap, and forget about it, and boom, mess rotation when I come back on the dedicated attunement. May be on golem when you can just stay focus on the the bottom of the screen, it works, otherwise it's clunky. I know it's a matter of habits, or previous habits with others sets of weapons, but it's hard.
  3. I lost myself after 8 sec of rotation; AA are useless and I have bullet icons/buffs everywhere I don't remember what I'm supposed to do. It's obviously "L2P" issue, but... why this level of complexity, again ?
  4. Shorter CD I don't know, I don't want to spam 22 every 2sec, but barrier on chain reaction instead of might may be.
  5. +1take heart ! That's why I don't play classes involving too much Dodges /space bar, F5 or just dashs/leaps/positionning. I'm "old" gamer with a not really ergonomic keyboard for gaming and hand fatigue; keybinding and e-spec have sarted to be quite laborious last years.
  6. Unravel on utility skill or F5 would still give you 2 buttons to push !? Unravel is too underrated; you're not only getting core #3 and offhand skills (which is already huge) but also free instant attunement swap too, and so more core #3 and #4-#5 and all traits on attunement swap (arcane traitlane, water healing, elements of rage etc.) This is deep to counter chill, to go full heal and cleanse really quickly as you can attune twice in water in a short period of time, to counter "burst cc" with shocking aura, or contrary to cc and chain with dragonstorm+ ring of fire/fire grab + elements of rage ... The skill is clearly "high ceiling", you need good knowledge of your skills and CD, some muscular reflex, some APM but the more you learn to play with it, the less you can live without. Just get the "single attune" on F5 or "reverse" the 2 attunements, with the loss of the CD reduction (and the core #3?) would just result as a nerf, and I doubt players who already don't play unravel would use F5 just to earn 1~2sec.
  7. Quickness Untamed is quite fun. Something like that (I don't remember If I play Skirmishing or Marksmanship ) http://gw2skills.net/editor/?POwEIiNssC2BTlFycxieqLeB-e full berserker with runes of fireworks. You basically stay in "Ranger unleash" for the big hammer DPS, and swap weapons on CD; really easy to play + pet to tank, trigger enemies and nice dps too because of Nature Magic ...
  8. Last night I jumped in a Zerg, overloaded Fire, and boom 40 kills without losing even half my lifebar. Please nerf.
  9. When players start to ask to buff or revert nerf on Downstate, may be the class has an issue. May be.
  10. It goes in both ways ; if attunement swap becomes a full "weapon swap" without being affected by chill, then it won't be affected by alacrity*. The 5% popularity in Pve will drop to 1%, and benchmark on big cat-golem from 45K to 39K. Water traitline coul have a trait to get immune to chill; or just put more cleanse in all traitlanes without 3 traits + 2 skills combo needed, or just buff base damage on all skills please.
  11. I think it should create a field when you land your conjured weapon : combo field (240 radius, last 4-5 secs) + pulse condition/boon and damage based on the weapon element. So the second conjured weapon won't be a loss and could at least serve as field / support ; you could just land your earth shield and pull enemies inside the field to cripple them, or hammer and Boom, leap inside : daze + quickness; etc.
  12. In raid speedrun tournament, for ~2weeks after balance updates and before nerfs, every 6 months. About celestial ; i don't really agree on this statement. Every celestial builds are full kitten to fight ; mesmer, berserker, rev, harbinger etc but you can get find builds that offer faster kills with a tool kit to flee, survive condition spam... Ccelestial is just trolling with those classes. What you don't easily have with Elem (Fresh air is almost dead with all the stab spam classes and scepter nerf ?) and so in proportion you see a lot more "effective" Celestial Elem/Catalyst.
  13. Krytia wasn't big enough to bring us demon dimension and secret astral sorcerers above our considerations, keeping slaves into looping stories? I mean okai why not, this isn't necessarily bad, but looks like hat trick from writers who just want to tell their story without taking care of the previous ones and lore.
  14. >The pistol is a condition-focused weapon that brings some mobility, crowd control, and a large amount of damage. Well ... so it does a bit of everything like all elem weapons ? Edit* it has more sense in english, I got triggered by the translation.
  15. I think it's the biggest issue, particulary on elem. DPS traits are so insanely strong in the modifiers PLUS a second effect (singularity, precision buff etc) that if you just want to take one other trait for personnal sustain or support you just cut your DPS in half. And it seems they don't see it like this; next patch "Oh, we will give +15% on hammer #3 because you know, why just buff skills when you can put more modifiers everywhere ?" -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes you could give +15K DPS on elem and people still won't play it: but it all depends how you implemant the +15K DPS. If you just buff modifiers out of control and people are still not able able to trigger and maintain all buffs because of absurd conditions (EE), or they die in two hits with no personal sustain, or Water/Earth still cripple DPS with the loss of modifiers, long cast (riptide, dagger #2 ...); sure nobody will play elem while you can play reaper / virtuoso / etc with easy DPS and insane sustain in your DPS rotation. They really need to mix personal Sustain with DPS in a way, and "reduce" disparity in traits on same major category. For example weaver : just put a DPS modifier when you have barrier; so you could equip Stone Resonance or play Bolstered Elements and don't lose too much DPS because you actually can stay alive and maintain your modifier.
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