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  1. Just pile up c*Fb with a ren, and maybe a scourge for some mechanics like boonstrip, barriers, epi, grasp, some mights... and congratulation you have the new meta.
  2. You're using your dpsmeter wrong. They do 40k because they do mechanics/ trash mobs. It doesn't mean they do 40k on boss, and the group couldn't do mechanics otherwise with same or close efficiency. We could worry or question about how fast it clears some mechanics against particulars encounters or on contrary make it useful in more situations, but the "QQ 40k dps on 5 targets" isn't the issue.
  3. Welcome to ele class. Which all skills are balanced because of pur glass cannon build with all actives modificators but not on skills' effects themself.
  4. I think you want to denature the skill. I get your point on the "not good on itself, but because of weapon skills / attunement". But it is not a button for free buff or free damage, it's a button to clear the elementalist of weaver's mechanic and attunement swap CD; and it allows abuse of traits on attunement swap and "core" skills #3 etc. You should keep in mind this aspect and try to enhance it ; not give free candies in compensation no matter you make good use of the utility or not. For example I would lower the duration (as you rarely swap more than once anyway) but p
  5. Yes the skill is good. Utility slots are expensive, most of weaver prefers a breakstun or flash etc. But they underestimate the stenght of Unravel : with d/d you have easy access to all leaps, to chain them with no attunement swap CD; if you are disabled easy access to schoking aura, or protection (with arcane), or you can trigger Water traits twice (the heal on swap) + eventually cleanse on regen/woven stride, same with fire traitlane and sunspot; and all combos with the short water field, fire field ... Plus unravel also give good boons for ele which is already good (we don't have a lo
  6. I think they should have never give Auras to tempest's shouts and overloads, but buff traits in core traitlanes. Because it has stolen the mechanic without leaving anything in return to core; maybe even induced nerfs (tempest defense, CD on frost aura ...) It'll be the same issue with catalyst. I don't think Catalyst (d/d catalyst in fact) should spam significantly more auras than core and earn more buffs/boons on them. May be one trait (stab on auras or a damage modificator (to share with water)), and leaps on hammer; to keep a synergy between the e-spec and others specs; but not to
  7. First, the class in game. Second, the icon. Soon the forum. Developpers will soon erase any proof of the existence of ... hmmm what's its name ag- elementalist.
  8. I agree War has some concept issues and big jokes on weapons and some mechanics (especially controls and hammer/mace, spb; condition builds...) but finally, war is playable, and played everywhere. War has relatively low skill floor with strong defense traitlane and carrying skills; which is already the complete opposite of elementalist. Warrior is relatively bad in PvP tournament, because (as elementalist) is a bit too versatile but never really excel; and too crude, too predictable in its animation and cast time etc. But it's not necessary an issue in ranked/sol
  9. It makes the field "special", rewarding. But it's just an illusion, the energy mechanic is as useless as its field.
  10. No need to say the new war spec should be "mandatory" against of a lof of encounters; because of its stoopid burst skill. Catalyst ? Same as tempest and weaver, directly in the trashcan.
  11. If barriers spam (or the whole rez machine) weren't that necessary at least you brought mights on them. You felt a bit less useless. That's why the trait on torch is almost "better" on a support scourge now. Abrasive grit lacks a little thing IMO to be determining for support. In pvp/wvw, that's more personnal but I rarely use sand fare neither, so I won't really talk about these modes.
  12. I know it wasn't listed in tooltip but the trait still granted mights until these days, I suppose it has been "fixed" with last patch ... 😪 But honestly I'm a bit keen on the interest of the trait now. At least in pve. Most of support scourges play the well of blood, and even the condi cleanse on barrier .... f2 exists too (and other sources with necro) ; it wasn't much, but the addition of might with barrier made the trait interesting.
  13. Yep. I didn't realise it first, but in fractal it sucks a lot.
  14. The patch was addressed to revenant mostly who could be immortal in pve. I'm pretty sure most of elem's modificatorS were already Multiplicative.
  15. Can we talk about the fact they believe Poison Field is thematically and practically more appropriate than Smoke Field ? Where is my stealth d/d catalyst ?
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