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  1. We don't wish for nerf, we already know it will come. It's the pattern, we can't have anything good. Just, for once, it'd be great to get to the root of the "issue" and not nerfing every specs inadvertently. August Balance Update Preview Scepter/warhorn Fresh air TEMPEST is perfoming better than what we wanted in pve, so we're adding some nerfs tweaks to CORE traitlanes, dagger, staff,... in pve/pvp. See you in 2026 for Weaver focused update (0.75sec of quickness on dual skills (10sec CD))
  2. I think they need to buff overload in global, and nerf Transcendent Tempest. Obviously +25% strike +25% condi -33% singularity CD creates so much gap with "support/DPS build" but also with pvp /OW where you're not able to loop the buff without alacrity/quickness. (*Yes it's 7% in pvp, which has already more sense) +25% it's just insane, tempest is not the only one with so lazy concept buff/"balance", we should not have so huge modifiers in single traits.
  3. Or make somewhat like old banners : you get your weapon in your hands, but the second on the ground creates a field + it gives its attributes to allies in radius or boon/damage/whatever. You summon an earth shield on the ground, it attracts foes nearby + prot/resolution to allies. You summon an ice SB: it chills foes + healing to allies ...
  4. I like the fury and flow of weaver. To me it's the most engaging gameplay of all classes and specs of GW2.
  5. Since ~POF almost all classes/specs got two-fold effects for most of their weapon and utility skills, while we still get the argument "but you have 20 skills" to specifically limit effects, enlarge CD etc. If you cut by half the elements to play with, you will need to buff really high every skills; base and coef, new effect / sustain, rework every traitlanes trait by trait; it would be insane to balance.
  6. Obviously the nerf of damage is insane, I can understand this in the competitive split about CC, with all the balance of "passive" BS, stab in traits (until they forgot this point and spread stab again) etc ... I would have preferred they changed it for Daze may be, seeing how I used the skill. But honestly I'm more worried about the fact they didn't buff AA in PvP/WvW. They double the damage of Arc Lightning in Pve last patch, and it's still trash tier in pvp since "competitive split". Same with Ice shard, Stone shard ... They wanted to "solidify" scepter has a "Power" weapon, yet we just got a full nerf in PvP/WvW ?
  7. Fulgor needs you to bodyblock mobs, which is already stupid for a range weapon. Of course the "idea" is to use #4 in same time to lock the target, yet it's 20sec CD (3 times fulgor) and has no damage in pvp/wvw (and poor in pve) Which also means #3 is useless to cast before #4, and Fulgor can't crit, and so you want it to cast #3 before final Etching, which has also poor damage particulary in pvp/wvw and poor tracking. But if you play Air don't you already try to cap high crit chance ? I Just don't get it; what's the point of #3 ? Why give the next spear attack crit in Air Element ? May be to play without crit chance and use it before swapping ? But it's the same in all element, poor damage anyway, you need to do the full rotation of etching > #4 #3 #2 > final. It has no sense. So the whole Air element with Spear is just pur garbage ; You can't effectively use Fulgor alone, skills have no logic with Air, you need the full rotation of fillers skills in the hope of some mediocre damage and instantly swap attunement. It's not different of all elements. Spear has no sense, no skill on demand, no skill effective by them selves, no damage, filled with the same filler effect in all elements. Honestly I can understand players enjoying Hammer or pistol in some niche gameplay, cat golem, OW etc. But Spear, once you've passed the "WAHOU" point of the etching visual, there is nothing good. How can you enjoyed elementalist before, then see the same AA and #2 on all elements, no field, no transmute*, and fillers skills with impossible gimmick to launch, and say "It's okai"/"iIt's fun" ?
  8. That's a bit sad to read the purpose of the next weapon, coming after PoF, weaver and Weaponmaster, is to avoid the purpose of weaver ? Obviously lots of weapons don't shine with all specs; but design a new one and just "kitten off" weaver's mechanic and one important dps trait with useless filler skills ... well yeah, ... that's sad. It's not even like the Spear and its gimmick were viable. *Nor Weaver already overperforming.
  9. May be the class I had more fun with Spear, with Thief. Tried mostly with chrono and Chronophantasma, peristence of memory etc. The phantasms have some issue of tracking/terrain + the clarity buff is somewhat annoying to get in certain situations : against mono-target, even mobs with visually "large" Hitbox it didn't proc, a bit annoying to step back out of range. Otherwise really fun for melee Brawler, beautiful animations too, I Hope it'll get the "blade" trait to have some fun with Virtuoso.
  10. IMO ; Elementalit is stuck in 2015 just before HOT : Traitlanes still work too much for their dedicated elements and obviously punish you when attuning to an other element by losing traits but sometimes even by inflicting you double loss like Pyromancer's puissance, and most of utility skills work the same way. It was okai years ago when you could have 3 or 2 buffed elements + Arcane. But then comes E-Spec; and they didn't know how to give synergy with core, because they were already no commonality between elements and traits : one is power/burning, the traitlane buff burning and power, one is bleeding, the traitlane buffs bleeding and toughness/support, etc. How to focus on power or condi, or one common gimmick, when half skills no matter the weapon set-up have nothing in common ? (But you still need every elements because every utilities are neatly split, while every other specs have them merged in few skills "Man you have 20 skills, I only have 10, so I need one button=two-fold effect" ) So comes the "CONDI + POWER" modifiers everywhere in all traits of all e-spec, catalyst goes even further with "CELESTIAL" modifier, and nearly no gimmick arround existing core assets but "AURAS" ... may be weakness/regen ... I think they should build on what they did with necro and DS for example, arcane and even some elem's E-Specs ; rework ALL minor + Grandmaster traits to work no matter the attunement (Like Diamond skin, Powerful aura ...) polish the utility and dps of weapon skills rather than exacerbate them. "When you use SKILL #3 unleash a Flame Expulsion" "When inflicting inhibiting condition and CC, also apply bleeding" "Fields heal allies, blasting field heal more" (Why not even rename traitlanes to mark the detachment : (idk) flamboyance, Thunder, Whirlpool ... (idk) ) Then E-spec; the same, no need for "+5% CONDI DAMAGE AND +5% STRIKE DAMAGE" We should have I) the lazy/pvebenchmark POWER modifier II) The CONDI gimmick III) the support/sustain gimmick/modifier (reverse according to convenience) So you could have a "Burning build" with "FIRE/weaver traitlane" but actually have some exploit with dagger water/earth elements to apply burning too.
  11. It's kitten I guess. In theory you almost don't need boon duration to loop alacrity with Fresh-air Tempest, but in practice or chill gameplay ... ehrrr... Plus Transcendent Tempest also recharges the singularity by 33%, which is already better than alacrity (25%), and fresh air recharges Air. In solo play, if you just intend to spam air-overload in middle of events and whatever skills as fillers : transcendent tempest is everyday of the week a better choice. If you play condi tempest, it can be discussed; as your overload (and attunement swap) will get the full CD.
  12. Should Etching skills be better in many ways if the elementalist WAS the Etching ? Like Warrior torch #5. Make it 130~180 radius, duration 8 sec, give the boons to allies too; and then you can freely move to cast your other skills, and you launch a SPEAR to the target, or target area ? Otherwise : Need more identity and diversity in skills #1 and #2. Spread, aoe blast, bouncing, cast-time ... Fulgor won't work. It needs to stack in intensity or deal the full damage in a shorter time + crits or something with ferocity. Skills #3 don't have to be fillers for etching, they need their own strong effect or affect more skills. Dual skills need to hit, and don't need to be random fillers. Etchings, longer duration. Etching travel lines need better tracking or higher cleave or shorter cast-time; but they need to actually hit targets sometimes.
  13. Also because you can't maintain 10% persisting flames with scepter/warhorn and water trident + shatterstone do insane damage in pve for no reason, particularly with Piercing Shards. If you play an other set-up, like sword/warhorn, dagger ... with 0 damage water weapon skills but more fire field, Fire traitline will grant you better modifiers (+150 power in fire, +150power x2 in fire, +10 damage to burning foes, persisting flames) and burst. Yet for example swith sword, your fire weapon skill #3 won't be off CD when you'll attune back to fire after Air-Overload, so you won't use it or you'll delay your Air overload with some AA filler somewhere, you'll lose Transcendent Tempest buff ... Scepter has shorter CD, and in "fast-paced" rotation with perma-alacrity, you don't care to have slighty less modifiers (in traits as long as you have more active) as you'll spam water trident/shatterstone easily, and of course Air-Oveload, maintaining Fresh-Air, Transcendent Tempest. It's all about practicality and your preference in real situation, if you're fully alert 250APM, killing random mobs or boss etc; but Water gives you so much sustain, and scepter allows you to stay mid-range ... totally worth even if you're not a pianist.
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