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  1. I just keep looking at this and remembering this is the water expansion. Boats, underwater siege turtles and WATER DRAGON.
  2. There is just too many things that don't add up with Mechanist. We're about to go into THE water expansion and we can't use the mech underwater. Your basically 1/2 a core engineer without your mech being there so your going to need to avoid water at all cost. Your so dependent on the mech that it's going to be instant death in most area's if it dies The mace would be fine on core and any other specialisation (and I hope they do open weapons to all specs) but it's a very odd choice to give you a mech to engage close and then tie you to close combat too. Ranged
  3. I am looking forward to a the major water focused expansion and hope there is some good water combat improvements. Right now, mechanist will be unusable. Above ground it's going to be pretty limited anyway without any access to toolbelt even when the mech is gone. Under water there is never going to be another trait line less useful then mechanist because any traits would do something and anything is better then nothing at all.
  4. At the cost of DPS, a pretty big cost for PvP or WvW. Engineers can already get perma-vigor + perm 50% extra Endurance Regeneration and get 10% extra strike damage from having Vigor too. We're not talking about anything revolutionary.
  5. I would say yes to focus on dodge but more avoid double up rather then synergy with Daredevil I love the basically perma swiftness but the big let down for me is that it's too unreliable to get the extra endurance to fuel your dodges. Upper Hand would be pretty reasonable with some extra endurance regeneration too. I would love to see them change Feline grace to Vigor on dodge and 'Endless Stamina' to 'Endurance Regeneration Increase: 50%'. Engineers get Adrenal Implant under tools and Vigor on top of that so it's not unheard of. I'd love to see a 'Reduce
  6. I was not aware of this till today. Does anybody know what you had to do to get it? I got the 2020 Extra Life Donation Bundle and got Mr Sparkles but didn't see anything about the tonic and wish I had known it was available.
  7. The more we see of EOD the more we see water, skiffs and yet more water. I am hoping there was no underwater mech and it just wasn't done yet but also I'm generally hoping for some improvements to underwater. 1) Making as many skills and traits work underwater for all professions 2) Make underwater weapons more balanced and inline with land weapons. 3) Allow some sort water surface combat. (Maybe just limited to underwater weapon) 4)Either add legendary Breathing apparatus or just scrap them as an item completely and make them just a skin wi
  8. I'm definitely finding that when I try to play lunchtime - early afternoon UK time. I don't know what's going on today but there suddenly is a spike in them roaming maps together. I had a match earlier with 5 bots on the other side (not sure how many on mine) and they all went round together and as soon as one died it just ran straight back to the group. They all attack a single target so you die fast. For a disorganised team you don't stand a chance.
  9. This matches with what i've seen but generally down to Silver 2. There just seams to be a massive increase in the last week or so too and i'm not struggling to get into a match without bots. I've seen some of the bots starting to travel in groups too which can get pretty annoying to deal with.
  10. Yeah the damage is too high if your compare it to a ranger pet, but a ranger is the main character and the pet is their sidekick The mech is the main character and the mechanist is the sidekick. If a pet dies, sad times but the ranger carries on. If a golem dies there is no point to the engineer being there.
  11. Mace is a great idea. Mech is a great idea. They just don't fit together! If your using your mech to fight you don't want to be up close. I guess this could be an option at least. Mace would be fun on core engineer, holo or scrapper so yet another argument to let us use espec weapons on core and other specs. It's good that Optimized Activation and Static Discharge work with Mech Commands but now we have 3 buttons instead of 5 and there isn't any fast recharge option. When your mech is dead or dismissed your basically defenceless. J-
  12. Warrior wasn't too bad. It was a slow charge but with a decent payoff. Catalyst was a joke, nothing lives long enough to charge up energy and even if you got a serious fight and did build it up their orb lasted 2 seconds and did nothing. Warrior could be tweaked, Catalyst needed a fundamental change.
  13. So going over what has been said it sounds like there is a few ways to deal with this, each with positives and negatives. 1) Golem is powerful enough that it is worth losing those skills. Would need to offer some level of sustain to make up for F1 and be VERY hard to kill because you are effectively useless without your golem. It would also very much limit what skills are useable with the spec which would then make it very susceptible to any tiny nerfs. This would really need Medkit to get some sort of rework to make it useable for support. 2) Give us F5 to swap b
  14. Reaper has nothing in it that lowers sustain, it's just it's close ranger nature that makes it risky. If your worried about sustain with that just wait till you see what they're like with long range weapons. Mirage gets 1 dodge in pvp because it's an enhanced dodge and keeps 2 in PVE anyway. What difference would a shield make except more sustain at the cost of damage? Sword on other specs would be just as shishy, more so as it would lose dual element access. And DPS increase would be balanced by close range. What broken combos? The weapons have
  15. Then please explain. Can you give an example of a e-spec weapon which if equipped on core or another e-spec would have an unbalanced advantage over using that weapon on it's own spec?
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