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  1. I realize it's Halloween but I don't want my Norn on a raptor to look like pantleg dinosaur costume all year round. Perhaps we could boost the size of mounts for bigger races? Even 10% would probably do it.
  2. Why the hell do I even have to come here and complain about it. It's your game environment, Arena Net. 10 ranked matches. 9 of them with bots. I PVP daily. EVERY day I see bots. Sometimes as bad as I mentioned. Where most or half of the matches have them. I noticed it's somewhat based on time. Midday (US Central) and late evening. Spend the money we're giving you from buying expansions and glowing swords on policing the cheaters. You have the resources. Use them. Do it. Christ!
  3. You need to be more aggressive as a company and stop the cheaters.
  4. Thanks, I've seen this post and video/guide. It doesn't help me unfortunately. I also can not afford to change my gear again. I can not play classes that are too 'spaghetti fingers' for lack of a better term. I wont give up on the attempts until I'm forced to. Maybe I'm OCD about things but it may even ruin my desire to play. Which it already is. It was pointless probably to complain here but I'm so vehemently upset that the game I normally enjoy is upsetting me this much.
  5. This is the most unfun stuff I have attempted in this game. For a game that normally respects my time I have wasted hours and hard earned gold. Only to fail with no new tactics to try. I've bought new gear. Tried new builds. I mean this really makes me feel stupid and is ruining my leisure time. If this was an achievement I could just come back to at any time during the year I'd have no complaint. I'd just suck it up until I did it. Somehow. However, the only window to do this is the Four Winds event. I can not live inside the video game just to get achievement points. I don't have
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