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  1. Game servers and payment servers are not related at all. Think of it as if your house caught on fire and being worried the same happened to your friend's house 5 blocks away. Servers crash, it's just the nature of things, lol. Don't worry.
  2. It's not just you, there are already posts on reddit and here. Seems like is affecting all NA servers, even ppl in-game.
  3. I'm "happy" to inform that this is still an issue. Congratulations on the 7th year birthday for another thing anet will never fix.
  4. We're 2 months away of commemorating this bug 2 year anniversary. Happening right now, google led me here.
  5. New player here, just lvl 25 on my first char, got the first 2 expansions too. I'd love to join and help out when I can!
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