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  1. I appreciate all your answers but you have to admit that GW2 is not really casual friendly. I have seen a lot of players playing the game on and off with several months of pause sometimes year. The game is insanely good when you have people around. Lake Doric when people are doing the events is quite enjoyable. It is just that as an MMO player, I was not prepared being banged like helll against basic mobs. E.G., Lake Doric white mantle mambo jambo combo, 2x Mesmer 1 cleric 1 knight is ok but the mesmer just wont die and do insane damage for basic mobs. I am running a power sc
  2. Hello, Beware spoiler ahead for LW content. First post because it is 2:37 am and I just defeated Caudecus in LW S3. So, here is a feedback, I finished Vanilla content with my personal story and I was so amazed and charmed by the content GW2 has to offer that I wanted to go deeper. I bought all extensions and I even got the LW unlocked. When I entered S2 it was cool and all and then I got into HoT. Oh my, where is the warning saying: "You'll die from small raptors"? or anything like: "Ok here is the real stuff and dark souls is a joke". Honestly, the difficulty gap is
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