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  1. My suggestions are this. Unlink rocket punch from the mace and just make it weapon slot 3. Bring back jade siphon and link it to weapon slot 4. This allows you to use pistols/rifle/shield with mech without losing anything while also adding jade siphon back which was a nice little ability. Another is having the boon copy on the shift signet makes it feel mandatory I would rather see it moved to one of the minor traits to make shift signet a optional ability.
  2. Honestly I think 1/2 of the power should be the engineer and 1/2 of it should be from the mech. The mech is already more impactful than a rangers pet not just from damage but the actives being more impactful. I wouldn't mind if the power they shifted to the engineer through triggered golem abilities similar to how they did with rocket punch. Like honestly I feel like they should bring back jade siphon but link it to weapon slot 4 and delink the rocket fist from the mace and instead have that as weapon slot 3. I didn't mean simply give the engineer more raw damage but I
  3. Honestly I think they could do 2 things to balance it some one of which was posted in another thread. Make the mech have set stats and just use a amulet slot similiar to pvp that you can select stats for your mech. This would give static numbers that you could build around and also open up a lot of options for building the mech. The other would be move that from shift signet and instead put it on the minior trait so that you don't have to take it everywhere. There's a lot of changes though so I don't expect to see anything like that done.
  4. Honestly I think this would make it easier to balance in the long run since the mech would have the flat 1k stats baseline then the set stats of the amulet. The amount of work they would need to do to make it work this way would be massive though. Honestly I still feel like more power should be shifted to the engineer themselves.
  5. Honestly just giving at least 1 dye channel so you can change the armor color would be enough for most people.
  6. Yea I think I heard him say something similar on teapots stream. Honestly I think that way of balancing really sours enthusiasm a lot of people have in something. Like doing small nerfs to bring it down feels better in the long run... Also I feel like they went as heavy handed as they did to also kill hype to lower the number of people playing engineer so they don't have a constant stream of "I WANNA DYE MY MECH PLZ" posts that would pop up on launch day since you see how bad it is now. I just wish that they didn't heavy hand it quiet as much as they did... The full removal of jade siphon
  7. Honestly simply giving back the toolbelt skill only for the healing slot and making the mech turn into a little jade submarine would go a long way to helping with this issue. Like rangers get underwater pets so the tech is in the game to have a underwater pet. transforming it and letting it shoot torpedos or something would fix the underwater isssue.... Or increase the frequency of the barrage while under water while allowing you to use underwater versions of the f skills. As it stands now it's feeling more and more like they are going to release the mech in a broken state and it w
  8. I've waited for mutton chops on human forever now and I doubt I'll ever see them.
  9. The trait is bugged out. It shows your pet with precision when you view its stats but if you just have it attacking a golem in the test area you'll notice no matter what it only crits around 1 in 13 hits and if you give it fury it only crits roughly 1/4 of the time meaning the crit chance is only 5% base + 20% from fury. If you don't give it fury it feels like it never crits. I should mention the precision you gain from the mass distributor does show on the stat page of the golem to be affecting it but in practice it's as if it's not affecting it. Also the beam on the ult skill is a
  10. I posted about this awhile ago and people kept "lul get friends"ing me so I stand my ground and say if it launches like this it's going to disappoint a lot of people. Making a headlining feature of the expansion require 2 people is a very bold move since most people are already lukewarm on the expansion due to the especs mostly being reused animations and very meh feeling. Some will say I'm just a pessimist but honestly I'm not alone.
  11. I honestly don't know how they took something that felt really good previous beta and just broke it to the point of feeling really kittening bad this expansion.... They simply had to lower the base power a little and it would have been fine. *edit* I should at least give one good thing about it. The pet commands do make it feel better since you can control it better... The removal of jade siphon though is actually noticable since it fully lost that ability. Rocket fist being on the mace 3 needs to be made to be all weapon 3s or weapon 2.
  12. They said it's because precision does nothing till 1000 and having the golem with 1000 then gaining a passive 25% of your precision was boosting it to much. What they did was make it have 0 precision and 5% base crit chance and if you choose mass distributor it gets 100% of your precision so it has the exact same critical strike chance as you.... The issue is that it's showing on the tooltip for your golems stats but in practice it's only getting the 5% base crit from what I've been testing. So far I'm at 30 minutes of just letting it auto attack with fury and it's only
  13. The golem isn't critting like it should. The paper doll says that it has 70% crit chance but sitting here for the past 15 minutes letting it auto attack the golem I've noticed that even with mass distributor the thing is only critting at 25% which is due to having fury and the base 5% chance.
  14. It's a kit so I don't think they are going to do it. Engineer has been stuck with the same look for kits since gw2 launch with only slight tweaks to the models after the hobo sack got removed. Since then they have forgotten kits exist considering most legendary effects don't even show up on them. I hate being a pessimist about it but after all these years and the utter lack of support given to kits I just don't see this changing. Customizing the mech as much as everyone wants it is going to fall into the same vein and I seriously doubt they will do anything to allow us to dye them.
  15. You know I wouldn't be that bothered by it being a novelty..... If it was usable in wvw like the warclaw. However all we can do is use it in pve so the fact it's a novelty in the only place you can use it kinda killed my hype for the mount. The only reason everyone is going to end up getting the mount mastery in the long run is just for the bonus health to other mounts.
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